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The following are some of the hundreds of stories we've received via e-mail from people who love Marshall Field's. More stories can be found by navigating the menu to left. Please note that, due to the extremely large number of entries, only a selected number of stories have been posted on the site.

Marshall Field's is more than just a department store.
The changing of the name to Macys is a defilement of traditions that me and many of my friends and family have shared since our earliest memories. Not only is it immensely disappointing that Federated would choose to ruin a legacy by altering the facade of a building and brand that is a cultural icon, but it's a testament to how little they truly care about their customers, many of whom upon signing this petition, will never frequent their store again.
I will be visiting the state street marshall fields for the last time this coming week, and from then on, almost wish it would disappear entirely if it is to truly be destroyed in such a fashion.
"Fields" (as my friends and I refer to it as), will always have a place in my heart, from my earliest memories of having my hand slapped away from the waterford crystal displays, and the exuberant holiday decorations that return to all the stores, year after year. I only hope Federated comes to their senses and hears the 46,999 other voices that have cried out against this atrocity.
To Federated Department Stores from Marshall Fields supporter number 47,000--
You can take this name away from us, but you will not recieve our support in return. You are destroying more than some letters on a tag or building. You're taking away a part of all our lives. And we're going to fight for it. -Marjorie, Long Grove IL

Marshall Field's is... my childhood. Every Saturday after ballet or art classes, we would go to Marshall Fields for lunch and shopping. I feel like I grew up at the State Street store. As an adult I am one of Field's 'Regards' customers. Everytime I am downtown I go to Fields. Whether I eat at the Marketplace or buy a suit, I almost always spend some amount of money. As a proud native Chicagoan, I will not be making my religious stops into Macy's. Even though the building is now a landmark (that's a good thing), the underlying meaning of shopping in that prestigious building will be gone. I can shop anywhere. Why would I want to spend my hard earned money in a place that has no respect for tradition and history? This 'Regards' shopper can and will go elsewhere.
If Macy's continues to be pig-headed about this, I imagine within the next ten years, that important building at State & Washington will be gutted (according to landmark specifications) and end up being a complex of luxury loft condominiums. -Michele, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...the store where I literally grew up. I am a Chicago native, born and raised in the southside near Marquette park, and have only recently left the city. My mom, brother, and I spent many Saturdays while we were growing up -- perusing, and eventually shopping Marshall Fields. "Fields" has always been synonymous with the best quality -- and in my own life it went from being unthinkable (too expensive for my blue collar family,) to aspirational (for the exploring teenager in me) to achievable (for the young, educated professional I became). In more recent years, I feel like Marshall Fields has done a damn good job keeping a person like me interested, and engaged in their brand -- from the fashion shows, to the revamping of the famous evergreen hue into an on-trend green striped pattern, to the flea markets with unique finds. Both my fashion sense and home decor interests are satisfied in one location, while I feel like my old friend truly understands me. Plus, there is not a holiday that goes by without a pletora of Frangos for family, and friends. I have a shopping bag full of them, ready to pass out to my new office mates just as I'm writing this. It breaks my heart to think that my beloved Marshall Fields may shed it's heritage and image to don the Macy's red. Macy's screams New York, the big apple, and the Thanksgiving Day parade. That's all well and good but Macy's does NOT speak Chicago. Personally, I am tired of playing second string to NYC (no offense NYC, I do heart you -- but I bleed Chicago blue). I am also tired of the homogenisation of our country. It just bores me to tears. Destroying this institution furthers what I'm dubbing the "beige-ing" of America. It's interesting to go home and see my old friend Fields. If I wanted to shop Macy's, I would do so here in Columbus. I do not think Macy's is anywhere near the same league as Fields. I will not shop there. I will mourn the loss of my dear friend, and hope to find comfort in the arms of Nordstroms or Bloomingdales -- and I'm sure that either would be happy to pick up my business. -Karen, Columbus OH

Marshall Field's is...Where I visited Santa as a child, and where I take my daughter to see Santa now. Where I buy all of my husband's clothes and gifts for friends and relatives. A stately and comforting outpost on State Street where, in the middle of the day, I sneak in to browse scarves, get a coffee, try on a pair of jeans, and experience how special it is to live in Chicago. Marshall Field's is a place that has never lost its dignity, wit, sense of style, or respect for the city it calls home. -Amy, Chicago

Marshall Field's is my favorite shopping store and destination. Since 1955, when we moved to Park Ridge, IL (Chgo. suburb), I have shopped and shopped at Field's. The State St. Field's has been elegantly redone and should not now be called MACY'S, which will just cheapen its whole image. Bringing our children down to the Loop to see the Christmas windows, lunching around the tree, buying regularly from Field's through almost 55 years of marriage, and now to have it bought and renamed is a terrible thing to happen to such a remarkable chain of wonderful stores. We shop at Field's in Milwaukee, Madison, WI, Chicago, and enjoy wonderful products, as well as wonderful service. I intend to discontinue shopping at Field's when it is no long Field's. Your company is doing a real disservice to the Field's legacy that has been built up through all these years. I simply cannot understand your thinking on this renaming. I surely hope that you and your company will do some fast rethinking on the HUGE mistake you will be making in renaming Field's to Macy's, a name that to me will greatly cheapen the legacy of Field's and make it seem like a bargain-basement organization. I am very, very angry about this decision of your organization to cheapen our Field's Stores by stealing away their name. -Betty, Fontana WI

Marshall Field's is...a unique and special store. Each time a community loses a part of it's history we become less interesting as a people. I lived in Chicago for three years and visit three times a year. each visit includes a visit to Field's. That will end the day the sign comes down. My Field's card will be shredded and sent to Federated's management! -John, Radnor PA

Marshall Field's is...Christmas above all, but also, visits as a kid with my mom and grandma to the city for shopping and museums, Field's was and will always be for me THE department store with CLASS, just as Macy's was, and still is to me, the bargain basement store. I have lived all over the country (including NYC with Macy's flagship store) and there is no place like Fields--except maybe Harrod's in London! -Gregory, Marrakesh Morocco

Marshall Field's is... a place that exists out of time, in the spirit and mind of every good experience as a child with their mother.
She and I together, again after she has long passed on.
She and I riding the Rock Island into downtown Chicago and arriving at that wonderful wide open store.
Mom would take me to the Toy Department and I would be a child in a child's heaven looking in awe at anything and everything that would make a little kid's eyes gaze in amazement. TOYS! TOYS!!! When I go to Marshall Field's and just walk around that store, I know that my mom is not far away at all, no sir...
She's right next to me...holding my hand again! -Jon, Chicago

Marshall Field's is the place my fiance proposed to me. Every year I buy a hot chocolate and go look at the beautifully decorated storybook windows at Marshall Field's on State Street (Downtown Chicago). The last couple years, my boyfriend started coming with me. On December 19, 2005, my boyfriend and I were admiring the Cinderella story in the windows and in the last window he pointed out a few prop gifts in the window. On one of the gifts was a tag that read "Lucy, Will you marry me?" He got down on one knee and proposed. It was one of the happiest moments in my life. I've been so upset that they are changing the Marshall Field's name, a chicago landmark! It was sweet that he chose that way and there to propose to me. It was also VERY nice of the Marshall Field's staff to help him arrange it. -Lucia, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...unique, a Chicago landmark, representative of what Chicago has to offer. I am an ex-Chicagoan and visit frequently....ALWAYS shopping at Field's during my stay. That will stop if Macy's drops the name....think, Macy's, of more than your greed. Think of tradition and local pride! -Gail, Boca Raton FL

...Federated, and particularly its CEO and its really stupid consultants, have approached this entire situation with a NYC myopia and fail to see value in the name, probably because it doesn't come from NYC. I could never shop at Macy's. All I think about when I think about Macy's are huge balloons that get snagged on light poles on Thanksgiving Day during the Christmas parade, little sweet old ladies buying their nylons, Bing Crosby songs (or whatever goofy old movie was based on Macy's), and nothing but the stale old past. But in a perverse sort of way I'm very grateful for Federated's dumb decision, because I'm a Nordstrom shareholder, and that retail chain has certainly captured that which attracts Chicagoans. So, whatever your name is Mr. CEO: Good luck when the board cans you for making stupid decisions. You can always apply for a job selling those nylons, or maybe hanging onto the wires in the wind holding the big balloons. -Robert, River Forest IL

Marshall Field's is...was Dayton's and always will be Dayton's to me. It was bad enough to have the name changed to Marshall Field's but at least it was still the same company and therefore essentially the same store. I've been shopping Dayton's/Marshall Field's since I was a little girl going there with my mom and I'm 36 years old now with a daughter of my own. I'm afraid she will never experience the tradition of quality and service that prevailed at Dayton's/Marshall Field's. Macy's just isn't the same - it's like WalMart is to Target - YUCK!!. I'm sad to think that I might never get to bring my daughter to the 8th floor Christmas display at the downtown Minneapolis store. She'll never know the magic and wonder of that special holiday tradition that has been a must-see for me since I was a little girl. Management should not underestimate the power that the Marshall Field's name has in the Midwest. It's a symbol of quality and service that cannot be matched by Macy's. I don't shop Macy's now and I won't in the future if all Field's stores are converted. No thanks - but Macy's just isn't the same caliber shopping experience and I'll take my business elsewhere like Nordstrom. -Kellie, Bloomington MN

Marshall Field's is...the Flagship of the entire City. Many other stores and hotels have come and gone but Marshall Fields has always been there and should always be there. When I was a child in England, I read about Marshall Fields in Chicago and always planned to Lunch at the Walnut Room with my friends. It is a Venue that contributes to the Draw of Chicago, I doubt that another Macys will ever have that same cachet - after all they are everywhere and I know that where-ever I travel, East Coast or West Coast, I will find a Macy. But, to travel on the Illini Amtrak train to spend the day at the State Street Marshall Fields is the best known cure for "what ails you". My husband and I have just spent 3 days over Thanksgiving in Chicago and the very first place to visit was Marshall Fields; window gazing, Frango mints, Walnut Room. The line for the Walnut Room was endless and it was made up of three generations of families including babies in their buggies, your future customers who were there to celebrate Thanksgiving with you --- Marshall Fields. Do you think you can do better than that with a name change that is largely associated with New York? Chicago is very proud of its identity and wears its growth well, with grace and charm, and part of that charm is State Street Marshall Fields. Please don't hurt yourselves with a name change. -Anne, Champaign, Illinois

Marshall Field's is...a place I look forward to coming to everytime I'm in Chicago. My son started going to college in Chicago about 3 1/2 years ago. I come to Chicago often and absolutely love the city and Marshall Field's. I feel like I've been to the best department store ever when I shop at Marshall Fields, especially the State Street store. It is a legend in Chicago and putting the name Macy's on it would be a disgrace. I have several Macy's stores in this area of the country and I'm not the least impressed by them. In fact, I think they've gone done hill the last few years. I do very little shopping at Macy's in fact. People come to Chicago just to say they went to Marshall Field's. They won't come to Chicago just to go to Macy's. Do you want to turn the country into one big Macy store? You will be making a mistake by taking Marshall Field's away. I heard you could do better prices by changing it to a Macy's. I think people would rather pay a higher price and shop at Marshall Field's just because of the prestige. As I said before, I'm not even from Illinois, but I fell in love with Marshall Field's from the first moment I shopped there. Give me a reason to come back to Chicago after my son graduates and moves away. I won't come to shop at Macy's, but I would come to shop at Marshall Field's! -Tyra, Nashua NH

Marshall Field's is... Chicago... to put it simply. Theres no other city like it in the world. No citizens of any other city are more proud to call it their own. Fields is part of Chicago. Its part of Chicago's history. It survived the Chicago Fire. If it can survive that, it can survive this. The window displays during the holiday season are one of the strongest memories i have of my childhood. I loved those window displays. And to the Shameful, disgraceful, disreputable, discreditable, ignominious, insolent, disrespectful, self-centered, so-called "Mayor" of chicago, for you not to support your city and its history makes you a complete and utter moron. Mayor Daley was quoted saying that "Change is good" on the topic of Marshall fields. If you cant even support your city, how can you possibly expect them to support you. granted he doesnt have much to do with the company or its name change, i think we would all like a litte support from someone who may be able to make a difference. Doesnt this man have a wife? she would know the importance of all this unlike her idiotic husband. Chicago doesnt want a "piece of new york" we dont think new york is in some way more glamorous or more upscale. its bigger, yes. its has alot more stores and boutiques, yes. but if thats what we wanted we wouldnt be in chicago! We don't want a dirty, run down Macy's just because they have the money. My family and I actually boycotted the Macy's Day Parade for the first year in FOREVER this year. Macy's, we dont want you! go back to new york where you belong with your dirty new yorkers. KEEP MACY'S IN NEW YORK WHERE IT BELONGS, LET CHICAGO KEEP ITS HISTORY. please dont take away our history. dont be cruel, have a heart. you will not be successful in chicago because we will NOT shop in your store. please.... let chicago have its HISTORY. -Lacey, Chicago

I moved to Chicago a little less then two years ago. I was only here a week when I asked some people where was the best place to shop because I needed a gift for my fiance before the end of the week. Everyone I spoke with directed me to Marshall Fields and I immediately could see why when I went. The last time I felt this kind of mystique entering a department store was in London at Harrods. The other day I saw on the news that they had planned to change the name of Marshall Fields to Macy's. The spokesperson said that market research said this was a good idea. I almost choked on the pretzel I was eating from laughter. You don't need to be in Chicago for long to realize what the Marshall Fields name means to this city. I believe the new company's name is Federated... .they show a huge lack of understanding if they think a New York name replacing a beloved Chicago institution is a good idea. This city is not famous for having a love of New York, let alone an inferior name like Macy's. Having grown up in Philadelphia, you would think these big companies would learn a lesson when they mess with what a city identifies with........an example of which is when they changed the name of Wanamakers in Philly. It spelled disaster for that store. Marshall Fields is a special place... if the Macy's name comes in... it will be just another store and quite frankly, there are better stores in downtown Chicago then any Macy's I have ever seen. I will certainly not shop at Macy's, especially at the expense of losing the Fields name! -Ryan, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...When I got engaged to my husband, I traveled from my home in NJ to Chicago (Elmhurst) where he lived. I went downtown to pick up the engagement and wedding rings and spotted Marshall Fields. I knew it was a Chicago landmark as well as a tradition, so I visited the store and bought souveniers for everyone in NJ. I shop Fields when I need that special gift because of the special merchandise and to show the name on the box. The name shows that I care enough to give the very best that Chicago has to offer. Coming from NJ, the name Macy's does not evoke that same feeling in me. It won't here either. -Eileen

Marshall Field's is...my life. I'm so sad it's leaving our great city. I feel like my whole childhood will be lost and forgotten just like our famous green bags that will be dumped into the incinerator and turned to ashes. As a young child I remember my mother taking me to have lunch at the Walnut Room, waiting in line for my collectible Mistletoe Bear, and fitting me for my communion dress. As an adult I'll remember buying things like my jewelry/make-up for my wedding day or just using that famous clock to make sure I'm on time for my train. Marshall Field's holds so many memories and good thoughts for me. I feel that to change the name for a couple pennies saved by mass advertising is silly and an insult to the millions of Chicagoans that have shopped at MF's for their entire lives (advertisements or not). It brings me to tears that my memories will never be replicated for my children. Chicagoans are very proud and fickle people. Our word is our bond. You don't find that sort of respect for an institution in many other places. In "The City of Broad Shoulders" we're hard working, blue collar folks looking for quality goods from a store we've trusted for a lifetime. Macy's/Federated is making a huge mistake. I hope they come to their senses before they lose too much money from the lack of business. -Anita, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...irreplaceable! It's the only department store my wife and I shop. If it becomes too Macy's-like, we will probably abandon department stores altogether. Anyone who knows Macy's, knows it's indistinguishable from Carson's, Dillards, or any of the others. Their stores are cluttered and, quite frankly, filled with a lot of junk. Some upscale merchandies can be found (in least in their Manhattan store), but you have to hunt for it. And service, even though Field's has slipped a bit, is pathetic at Macy's. The saddest part of all of this is that over the last few years, Field's has reclaimed some of its lost luster and once again the place to shop in the Loop. People who prefer speciality stores, still shop at Field's. Let's all cross our fingers and hope that since Field's management is staying in place, the name will change, but the experience that is Field's will remain. -JJ, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...a very special part of my childhood. It always had a certain magic about it then and continues even to today. We visit Chicago often and always make a point of visiting Field's. This will not be the case if it is Macy's. Field's is as much a part of what Chicago is as the landmark Chicago Theater. Losing Field's is like losing a piece of the city. There are some things that are better left alone, such as this wonderful landmark. What's in a name? Everything. Marshall Field's stands for excellence, quality and uniqueness. It stands for what Chicago is. -Jan, Erie PA

At 16 years old, I landed my first job at Marshall Field's in Park Forest, Illinois. They welcomed me back throughout college at every break. My job helped me to afford college. Although that store is now closed, that was not the end of Marshall Field's involvement in my life. Ever since I was a little girl growing up in Park Forest, Illinois, I knew that the REAL Santa lived in Marshall Field's on State Street. Every year my mother, my siblings and I would take the traindown town at Christmas time. We would look at the wonderful Christmas windows, eat under the tree and finish the day with a visit with the "real" Santa. It was a magical fairyland. When I moved to Urbana, Illinois and had my own family, we too made the trip every year to Chicago. My two children, along with my mother looked forward to seeing the windows, eating under the tree, and seeing the "real" Santa. We never missed a year. My own children are now 17 and 13 and my mother is 82. This year will be our final Christmas in Chicago. And Christmas will never be the same. -Katie, Urbana IL

Marshall Field's is, for me, a name that conjures up feelings of warmth, happiness, and nostalgia. Although we didn't go every year, my parents often took me to the Thanksgiving Day parade after which we would stroll along State Street and look into the animated windows. People were bundled up and you could see their breath in the air, but no one seemed to mind. It truly put everyone into the holiday spirit. Going inside Marshall Fields was a treat as our family didn't have much money growing up. I remember looking up in awe at the huge Christmas tree and at each of the floors of wonderful things. I even got to see Santa there one year! Now, as an adult, I love shopping at Fields. It's always my first choice when I want something unique, affordable, and of the highest quality. And I also enjoy the superb service I get from the staff at Fields. They seem to truly enjoy being there, unlike most other stores. If they don't, then Field's has done an amazing job of training their employees to seem genuinely interested in their customers. I have never been unhappy with a purchase from Fields. It's something I have grown to depend on. I lived in Phoenix, AZ where there is no Fields. But there is a Macy's. And although Macy's was considered one of the high end stores at the mall where I shopped, it wasn't even close to Fields. It seemed cold and impersonal. The racks were jammed with things and everything was disorganized. It just wasn't the same experience. I always feel happy when I leave Fields. It would be more than a shame to see the Fields name disappear into the archives of Chicago history. I hope that Federated sees that and recognizes that keeping the Fields name is a smart marketing decision. -Lee, Skokie IL

Marshall Field's is...magical. I discovered Fields on a business trip in 1992, and have gone back to State Street many times over these years, taking special trips to shop at Fields. The ambiance of that store cannot be compared to Macy*s at Herald Square. It is graceful, and so incredibly well branded that it makes you feel at home. I took a Christmas shopping trip to Fields in October, spent over a thousand dollars, and I am truly ready to never shop at Macy's again. The homogenization of this country, and the tragedy that Federated is about to unfold on us with the boring sameness all over America is heart breaking. I grew up dining in the Connecticut Room at G. Fox and Co with my Mother in Hartford, they took that. I became attached to Burdines on my trips to florida, with the Palm Trees and colorful boxes and bags. Now they are taking the rest..America will never be able to regain the uniqueness, quality and special touches of these historical businesses. I hope that the owner of this site send each and every one of these signatures and stories to Terry Lundgrens home, it could make a difference. -David, Long Island NY

Marshall Field's is...certainly more than just another store with a "make money by any means necessary policy." (That's the Macy's policy.)
As an African American child growing up on Chicago's South Side during the 1950's, I can easily recall, as if it were yesterday, numerous wonderful experiences at Field's. Although by no means r
ich, my father earned quite a good salary as a supervisor at the US Post Office. My mother, an incredibly good shopper, loved to take me "downtown" to buy my clothes.
At that time, there was no such thing as a "mall," and State Street was "the" place to shop. After all, State Street then had Sears, Goldblatts, The Fair, Carson Pirie Scott, Mandel Brothers and many other smaller stores in addition to MARSHALL FIELD'S.
My mother always went to these "others stores" to buy my incidental clothes...school and play clothes. At these stores, she was mainly seeking bargains.
But, for my suits and "Sunday go to meeting clothes," my mother would ALWAYS take me to the children's department at Field's. She was not seeking a bargain at Field's, but she absolutely knew that she would get the finest quality clothing at a fair price AND, maybe most importantly of all, that she and I would receive top flight, first class service.
At these, other stores, in the 1950's although there was no outright discrimination as such, African Americans, even here in the North, were generally just tolerated, and put up with. Even though our dollars were just as "green" as everyone else's, good service, as a rule, was very often lacking at best.
But I can clearly recall, again as if it were yesterday, unbelievably great service at Field's. I was treated with respect and made to feel like a GUEST even in the 50's.
Field's Associates would say things such as..."May I help you YOUNG MAN?" (I was 9 or 10 years old.)
"Would you like to try on another suit SIR?"
"Thank you for shopping at Field's SIR. Come back again."
This is service that I will never forget, especially considering the "get their money and get them out of here quick" service that my mother and I received at those other stores. I had a good time SHOPPING at Field's and time and space doesn't permit me to talk about all of the fun things like the enormous toy department on the third floor, the Christmas windows, Santa Claus and the huge book department. (I've always been an avid reader.)
Although I have grown up with Field's, am still a very regular shopper (I just purchased some Frango's an hour ago) and just love coming into the store even when I'm not shopping, I doubt that I will EVER, EVER enter that landmarked building again if and when it becomes a Macy's. I visited Macy's once in New York and once in San Francisco and was honestly extremely unimpressed. Macy's is clearly one of those "other stores." It is in not way, form or fashion a Marshall Field's, can't ever be and will probably not even attempt to be. It's Macy's, and Macy's is New York. Macy's is as different from Marshall Field's as New York is from Chicago. "Enough said!" PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP IT FIELD'S! -Ralph, Chicago

As a current Federated employee, I can say with certainty that shopping at Field's will never be the same. I have always enjoyed Field's on State and have brought countless friends and visitors to shop there. The selection is impeccable and the customer service is second to none. It breaks my heart to know what kind of company Federated is, and ultimately, what Field's may become. In Federated stores, pay is low and morale is even lower. I have also witnessed the New York corporate office mentality and they will definitely change the merchandise assortment to sell as many low-quality Federated private brands as possible (INC, Alfani). If Federated does follow through with the Macy's name change, I can't imagine how terrible the staff and service will become. For the dignity of Chicago, please don't change the name and drag Marshall Field's into the muddy pond known as Macy's. -Anonymous

Marshall Fields ... hmmm ... what does it mean to me? Well, not being a Chicago native, I really wasn't that familiar with the high end quality, service and atmosphere so firmly associated with this Chicago icon. After making Chicagoland our home, we became well acquainted with Field's. In fact, one of my most memorable experiences was with the Vernon Hills/Hawthorne Mall store. As fate would have it, I met the General Manager, and after becoming acquainted, she asked me to speak to her associates at a sales meeting. The openness, eagerness and professionalism of each of those associates left an indelible impression on me that day. And they remembered my name, too. Shopping at Field's became a tradition for our family, and when our daughter was born, we introduced her to the State Street flagship store. Frango Mints, the Walnut Room, the Christmas tree and taking a full day to explore Fields became necessary compulsions. Please, please, Mr. Macy, keep Mr. Field around. His store is not just a Chicago icon, but a worldwide symbol of retail innovation, quality and pleasure. -Jack, Old Hickory, TN

"There's No Place Like Field's." How sadly ironic that what is probably the last Christmas in the history of Marshall Field's was a blow-out of name recognition, showing the dedication that May Company had to keeping the store unique and wonderful. I live in Atlanta, and have not bought anything at the Macy's stores that used to be Rich's. I had TEN shopping bags full of merchandise shipped home on my recent five-day trip to Chicago, and I'm not about to spend a dime at a Macy's store, even if it IS at 111 N. State Street. -Michael, Atlanta GA

Marshall Field's is...just too damned important to the thousands of shoppers in the Chicagoland area to endure a name change. Field's means class; Macy's means parades. Personally, I grew up with extra special holiday lunches at the Walnut Room and the amazing selection, decor and energy of the great State Street store. It was always a special excursion when my mother would dress up my brother and me and take us by subway to shop. We thought it was so cool that you could walk right into Field's from the Washington subway stop without ever going outside! We had entered almost by magic! My mother, in the 30's, was a white-gloved, skirt below the knees, elevator operator at Field's on State. Even today, when I walk into that store, I feel connected to it, due to my own and my mom's history and that of her sisters, all of whom considered it the creme de la creme of shopping experiences and "the" place to shop. They remembered the store in it's heyday, when "you gave the lady what she wanted," and by and large, the sales staff at Field's have managed through the years to keep good manners and customer service with a smile as top priorities. I don't think it is ever wise to mess with people's history, memories or Frangos. I hope that Federated recognizes what an institution Field's name and history is in Chicago and leaves well enough alone. -Karen, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...an amazing store...granted, I visited the Minneapolis location, but I was floored by how wonderful it was. Living in NE Ohio, where we also are losing our last local/regional deprtment store chain to this merger (r.i.p. Kaufmann's) it just sickens me that soon, everything will be the same in every city you go to. -Ben, Akron OH

Marshall Field's is a family legacy. As a 3rd generation shopper, one realizes the name embodies Chicago as Harrod's does London. It is where the magic of Chrismas is imprinted upon the young; where Spring is sprung from a new Easter bonnet. Or it is simply where one receives a pick-me-up after a hard day of working downtown. Please maintain the heritage of this Grand Dame of Chicago by retaining her name. -B., Chicago

Marshall Field's is...a classy, upscale shopping experience that is unique to the Midwest. We already have a Macy's at Mall of America, of which I am not at all impressed. It reminds me more of a T.J. Maxx than a high-quality department store. I have never had the happy, comfortable feeling there that I have when shopping at Field's. When the name goes, so will all the wonderful qualities that makes Field's our own. How presumptuous of Federated to strip of us a store that has been part of our community for generations, replace it with such a hugely homogenized entity, and think that we will--not only accept it--but contribute to its profit. Macy's will never see a dime from me. -Liz, Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is...simply the reason I have visited Chicago at Christmas every year for the last 4 years. I first discovered Field's in 1976...hard to imagine. It is even harder to imagine Marshall Field's as Macy's. Having been born in raised in the S.F. Bay Area, I am very familiar with Macy's California. It simply doesn't have the quality that Field's has. If Marshall Field's does indeed become Macy's, I will never set foot in the store again...ever. -Karen, Urbana IL

I have spent literally thousands upon thousands of dollars at Marshall Field's over the last twenty five years. It is the only remaining department store with any level of grace, ambience or pride. I detest the direction America is headed - low quality lifestyle choices, Wal Mart, Ikea and now Macy's. This is a poor business decision to say the least. Macy's will lose customers by the droves, and I will be one of them. My money will definitely go elsewhere. Is Gimbel's still around??? -Angelique, Winnetka IL

[the book] "Give the Lady What She Wants" was a Christmas gift one year and a proud reminder of how much Marshall Field's and Chicago were a part of our family. One of the most magical moments of my girlhood was braving the freezing Chicago wind to have lunch in the Walnut room with my mother in the hush of that huge tree. A walk through Field's in Evanston was part of every visit to my doctor. We moved to the suburbs, but so did Marshall Field's with its pioneering store in the Old Orchard shopping center. Every December, Dad took me and my savings box there to buy a Christmas present for Mom and we'd have dinner in Field's Walnut Room, usually those marvelous chicken pot pies with a pastry hat. I've lived in Latin America since 1970, but when my daughter graduated, I took her to Field's to buy her favorite cologne, pick up a box of Frango mints and get a dark green shopping bag with that unmistakable Field's script for my very own. Soon it will be a priceless antique. From thousands of miles away, I mourn this passing of a piece of our memories, of who we are. How I wish they'd change their minds .-Susan, Venezuela

Marshall Field's is...a big part of my life for many reasons! My uncle, Uncle Johnny Coons, was the voice of Uncle Mistletoe for many years. I even have the record of him singing the song. He also had a TV show in Chicago during the 50's. I am from Lebanon Indiana but lived in Chicago after my freshman year in college to be a member of the MF&Co College Board. It was then that I began to understand the history of this great store and fell in love with the store. After I graduated college, I took a job in the management training program at Marshall Fields---I worked there from '69-74 and learned that the history of Fields touches more families than you can imagine. To turn this establishment into Macy's is an insult to the people of Chicago and a terrible management mistake by the folks at Macy's. -Libby, Clarendon Hills IL

Marshall Field's is...a part of history, a legacy of a man who shaped Chicago, a part of my personal history. my beloved mother used to tell people at Christmas that if it didn't come from Fields, then I did not buy it. When my mother passed awy, I asked her to send me a sign that she was "home". About ten days later, I was compelled to go to Fields in Skokie, and there was my sign. I have been a devoted customer of Fields for twenty-five years. One of my prized possesions was from my mother and she bought it at Fields. The business will be just as good if not better once Federated assumes ownership, with the Fields name. It will only prove detrimental if the name is changed. Changing the name ultimately serves no purpose. There will be substantial attrition. My business will go elsewhere. -Milka, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...a name I grew to respect because my grandmother lived in Chicago and had a lifelong love affair with Fields. For those of us in Minnesota the loss of Dayton's was a serious blow that was softened somewhat by the flare and flavor of another Midwestern icon. Sadly, imposing the New York label of Macy's is a giant step down in image and most likely will herald the death of those stores in Minnesota. -Jim & Shelley, Bayport MN

Born in Chicago, but moved to NYC for the past 15+ years, I am thrilled to be back in Chicago which has changed so much for the better! However, I was saddened to hear that Marshall Field's will no longer KEEP its' name. It seems like a "no-brainer" to me. Chicago LOVES Marshall Field's and everyone in NYC know's Macy's is "junky",....I am in my mid-30's and would NOT shop at Macy's.... -Fiona, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...the only reason my family shops in a large department store. We live in the city and have hundreds of shopping choices literally outside our door. My teenage daughter even did a major research project on the history of Marshall Fields just a year ago. Changing the name of this quintessentially Chicago institution is akin to changing the name of State Street or the Hancock building or Sears tower. -Gayle, Chicago

I no longer live in the Twin Cities, however I do travel up there frequently and believe that Marshall Fields is the only department store around with any class. Macy's is an absolute dump and I will be horrified if Field's turns into the same thing. M. Jeffries, Glendale AZ

Marshall Field's is special, Dayton's was special. They fit together well. When the name changed to Marshall Field's in MN it seemed sad, but OK because the quality, products, and service were the same. Macy's is another story! I have yet to see a Macy's that matches the class of any Marshall Field's. It would be very unfortunate to lose the special character of Marshall Field's. -Marsha, Minneapolis

Anyone, including New Yorkers, who ever set foot in the Flagship Macys in N.Y, and Fields State Street, would immediately see there is no comparison. Macys is a low ceiling, stuffy, regular looking store more reminiscent of a K Mart than a high end Department Store. Apologies to K Mart. -M., Los Angeles CA

Marshall Field's is...HOME to me! I am an Illinois native & grew up in a small town in Will County. At that time the nearest Field's store was at Oak Brook. My mother and grandmother spoke of shopping at Field's, particularly the State St. store, as an Event. It was something to get dressed for, look forward to, something unique and special. When in college, I received Frango mints in care packages from home, and many friends got their first taste of Chicago in a minty chocolate. One Christmas I worked at the Fox Valley store, and Field's was just as wonderful from the employees' side of the counter. And as often as I could, I'd take the commuter train to the city, walk to Field's, and happily spend an entire day browsing and shopping. There is nothing else in the world like the State Street store. I've been out of state for several years now, but still have my Field's credit card, still get the Sunday Tribune, still order long distance from Field's. When I visit home, I stop at Field's even before I see my family! After reading a recent Tribune magazine article about the last Christmas of the Great Tree and the Walnut Room, I actually lost a night's sleep mourning one more piece of home going, going, gone forever. I have no affection for Filene's, the Boston institution whose name will also soon change to Macy's. But as a result of Macy's brutal decision about Marshall Field's, I will never set foot in a Macy's or any of the company's other stores. MUST everything look alike, be alike, be advantageous to the almighty shareholders? There is nothing special about Macy's, but as the tag line used to read, "MARSHALL FIELD'S IS CHICAGO." Let Field's be Field's!! -Kelly, Leominster MA

Marshall Field's is...is very near and dear to my heart, and not just because I love shopping! My 90 year old grandmother, Tillie Martin, worked in the Credit Dept. (back when there was one) for 35 years. My earliest memories are of Marshall Fields. All of our Birthday presents and Christmas gifts throughout the years have been from Marshall Fields. Frango Mints are a staple at every family gathering. We used to have Marshall Fields pancakes for breakfast on holidays. My grandmother tells stories of all the famous celebrities she met during her years at Fields. She can even tell me the outfit she was wearing when she got the job...it's so very cute. But to me, it's really a piece of history...a piece of Chicago history. It breaks my heart to think it will go away. I know it's just a store and it's been managed by Macy's for some time. But changing the name will change the way I feel about this store. I guess it's comparable to changing Macy's in New York to Marshall Fields. How would New Yorkers feel about the Marshall Fields Day parade? I can only image... Please keep Marshall Fields just as it is. To many Chicagoans, this is far more than just a department store. This is a piece of our history, our culture, and our lives. -LeAnne, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...Midwest. I have never been a fan of Macy's and chose to skip reading their ads. I shop Nordstrom's and Bloomingdales when in a different city and also skip Macy's. There is just too much history in Mpls & Chicago areas and I will feel no loyalty to Macy's if they rebrand Field's. -Mary, Wayzata MN

Marshall Field's is...our Christmas tradition and favorite place to shop. My family has gone to the Walnut Room since my grandmother was a child with her parents. We are all sad to say it is our last year going. Our entire family is adament that when the name changes we will not give a dime to it. Sad really. Marshall Field's has always been such a quality establishment with great products and service. I have memories of my buttons "I saw Field's Santa" and the mugs I'd get every year as a child. I was hoping to take my children there, but since my baby is due in July, that won't be happening. Shame on Federated for messing with our history. Macy's is not Chicago. I won't set foot in ANY Macy's ever. -Heather, Batavia IL

Marshall Field's is...among my most treasured of my earliest memories. When I was, oh about five years old, which would be a bit less than forty years ago, we didn't have enough money to shop at Field's. But you know what my mother would do? She would take me on an exciting trip downtown by bus to look at the pretty store displays, and ride the escalators all the way to the top floor and down again. I loved these adventures. I loved going to Field's even if we couldn't buy anything. Oh sure, the escalators will still be there when Macy's takes over, and I'm sure the displays will be adequate. But it won't be my Marshall Field's, the one that I loved. I am aware, of course, that Field's has not been owned by the Field family for some time. But that doesn't matter. This is history. This is tradition we are talking about. This is an icon, a name on a landmark building which rose from the embers of the Great Fire of 1871. This is a name connected with the Haymarket Riot, and (quite possibly) the famous Everleigh Brothel. This is part of Chicago's soul we are losing so that some corporate bean counters can save a few pennies by not having to print some extra stationery. Dear God, save us from the rubber stamp of corporate thinking. And I use the term "thinking" in the loosest possible sense. -Ilze, Chicago

[Marshall Field's is] A wonderland of Christmas treasures. As a child my family would drive into the downtown area every year to see the windows at Marshall Field's. When we thought of Chicago we thought of the windows at the State Street Store. This is part of Chicago Culture and what we are known for. Culture and tradition bring people togheter. Field's is a gathering place. It is a place where people spend time and lots of $$$.I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I WORK FOR THE STATE STREET STORE - and every day (5 days a week) at least one person says that they are outraged by the name change. They are locals and out-of- towners alike. They also state that they will "NEVER STEP FOOT INTO ANOTHER FEDERATED ESTABLISHMENT IF THE NAME IS CHANGED." These are not just local people but, people of all ages, races, religions and economic backgrounds. They are people who value tradition and what it does for the well being of the soul. Culture and tradition bring people together. Wars are fought over the lose of culture and tradition. The war here will result in a lose of culture and $$$. In addition, I am a Chicago public transportation rider. I can't tell you how many countless tourists have gotten on the bus and asked the driver if he or she goes to Field's or "Hey, there s Field's!!!!!" Tourism is a major part of any city s revenue and Marshall Field's is tourism. I don't think Federated is calculating that into their figures $$$. -Marci, Chicago

Although I now live in London literally one block from Harrods, I flew back to Chicago for Thanksgiving and brought back boxes of Frango mints for friends here, because there is nothing as good as the original Frango mints! Chicago is Marshall Fields. Value our tradition! -Joan, London, England

Marshall Field's is...not only a Chicago icon, but represents Chicago around the world. In a world of global homogeniztion, it helps to define a place, a mindset and an experience found no where else. Marshall Field and Company has provided my family and many others with a continuity of tradition, value and exceptional service. Macy's is just a meaningless name for us in the Midwest, that connotates average goods, one step up from a rag merchant. Visit any Macy's store and there is no sense of uniqueness, tradition or sense of "place" I believe that they will not find the success they hope for in the Chicago market, where their concepts are found on nearly every corner of the area. -John, Chicago

My daughters and I go down to Marshall Fields every year around Christmas (not to mention that we often shop at the Field's store in Woodfield Shopping Mall), and we'll be doing the same thing this year (on Friday December 2nd) -- it's become a family tradition. We'll look at the Marshall Field's windows (we loved the Harry Potter windows -and were especially thrilled to see Uncle Mistletoe windows a few years ago.) We usually drink hot cocoa in the Marshall Field's canteen and visit the "giant" tree in the Walnut Room. We hate to see this end -- and certainly will not buy anything from Field's again once it changes its name. -Joe

Marshall Fields is the huge christmas tree soaring above my head for miles. It is the windows decked to the nines every chrstmas season. Field's is Chicago. The Walnut Room... even the smell as you walk into the store, brings back so many memories. It is a shame that in the future, my children will never have the experience of a true Chicago Christmas experience. I see Macy's as being dirty and unfriendly. Field's has always been a fun and friendly place to go, and NEVER dirty. I will miss this store with all of my heart, and will most likely never step foot into the doors of MACY'S. -Kimberly, Park Ridge IL

Marshall Field's is... part of what makes Chicago beautiful. It's what makes it UNIQUE. Chicago isn't New York. Chicagoans would never want it to be. When I was younger, my parents would take my siblings and me downtown at Christmas time to look at the Marshall Field's windows and Christmas tree. All of the Field's decorations were always so much prettier than all of the other stores' decorations. I remember how beautiful the Christmas tree was the year that Harry Potter came out and I adored the 12 Days of Christmas windows. Marshall Field's has been a part of my family for generations. I can't imagine it not being a part of my future family as well. I can't help but wonder where I will register for my wedding gifts or where I will pick out my children's first comforter and clothing because Marshall Field's is where my mother did all those things and where I would have wanted to do that for my wedding and my children. As a member of that younger generation of shoppers who supposedly said that they wouldn't mind changing the name of the store when surveyed, I'm appalled. I find it hard to believe that any Chicagoan would say that, regardless of age. I am 20 years old and cannot imagine Chicago without Marshall Fields. -Kimberly, Algonquin IL

Marshall Field's is...Lake Forest. Macy's in AZ is not a very successful store. It is empty most the time. I consider it lower class among the local dept. stores. Macy's is not customer oriented. Why in the world would you change the name in LF which is a very upscale community? The Field's store means a lot to Market Square and it would not be the same if it is replaced by Macy's. It is the anchor just like the train station to the town. Marshall Field lives in LF. I predict a huge boycott if the name is changed and the merchandise loses it's fine reputation. I visit my daughter & family in LF four times a year. I used MF for ordering wedding gifts. I don't call Macy's for anything. -Sharon, Paradise Valley AZ

Every single Christmas of my 35 years included a family dinner in the Walnut Room, under the tree, followed by a walk by the windows. My Mom can say the same thing with the addition of another thirty years. This will be our last Christmas at Field's. We will not continue the tradition. My children miss out. Marshall Field's is not a store. It's a brand. One of the strongest brands in the United States. It's an experience. It's tradition. It's family. It is not Macy's. If Macy's is so concerned about the bottom line I have an idea. Keep the name, if only at State Street, and get rid of your brand manager. -Becky, Madison WI

Marshall Field's isn't just a department store. It's an experience. One could spend an entire day there. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.. they even welcome visitors to Chicago by providing them coupons (including a free cup of coffee). Whenever I have out-of-town visitors, I always bring them by the State Street Store to give them a tour of the most amazing store in the world, and they are always impressed. Likewise, whenever I visit others, I bring them Frango's to represent Chicago. I used to work for Field's.. and it was quite an honor working for such an outstanding store. And it isn't always very pricey... you can find some great deals at Field's, and still feel classy in your surroundings. (I once purchased $140 jeans for $20!) I go to school in the One North State Building, and I walk by my favorite store almost everyday. Rid Marshall Field's of it's name, and it will kill our neighbor. Take away the name, and it will destroy a part of Chicago and it's history. -Jennifer, Chicago

We have a lot of department stores in Chicago, but when I come back to visit my family, the first place I want to head when I'm home is Marshall Field's. Whether it's heading downtown to the State Steet Store or hopping over to the local mall, whether it's picking up some Frango mints or shopping for some shoes, whether I've got some money in my pocket or just browsing... I always have a smile on my face and feel at home. And now that the holidays are approaching, I can't imagine arriving back in Chicago for a last glimpse at the decked out State Street store. Sure, they may not change the holiday decorations after the name change, but I won't be stopping in to see! -Elizabeth

Marshall Field's is...my favorite place to shop. It's a symbol of Chicago, quality, service and memories. Trips downtown as a child to look into the windows and now every year a major trip to State Street during the holidays with children and grandchildren. We meet in the morning and spend the entire day shopping at Field's. Next year it will not be the same and we have already discussed going to Michigan Ave. instead. What a shame that things don't stay the same. Changing the name to Macy's will take that feeling of home, comfort, trust and security away. Crazy isn't it that we are so in love with the name of a department store? But it has always been "ours" and even though the mechanics behind the scenes are Macy's, we are willing to believe that keeping the name will help us keep so many family traditions and warm feelings forever. -Anonymous

Marshall Field's is...Supposed to "Give the Lady what she wants" This Lady wants them to keep the name, because it is synonomous with Chicago. -Ruthe, Chicago

Marshall Field's is one of my very special memories and places. It really hasn't been the same store that I loved as a child, but I have continued to patronize it because, well, it's Fields. If it becomes Macy's, I won't bother. I've seen Macy's in San Francisco and New York and think it is a pretty mediocre place. Why Federated is throwing the use of the good will associated with the Marshall Fields name, tells me that the people running that company don't know much about Chicago. -Ann, Lake Forest IL

Marshall Field's is an icon, a piece of Americana, a bit of living history. Macy*s WAS an American icon but has become a generic merchant. In its efforts to create a national brand, Federated Department Stores has made a network of upscale Wal*Marts: same old, same old. What magic would there be to go to Chicago to visit Macy*s, when the same tired assortment could be had anywhere? No doubt Federated will remove any unique characteristics of Marshall Field's in its efforts to standardize operations. How sad! -Drew, Uniontown PA

Marshall Fields means Chicago, Frango Mints, Frango Liquers, Walnut room, Christmas tree, Holiday windows decorated lavishly, shopping of gifts, personal items, etc. for many, many, many, years for both my family and friends. I do not intend to patronize Macy's. -Anonymous

When Dayton-Hudson first bought Marshall Field's (and kept the Marshall Field's name!) they decided to consolidate all their buying offices in Minneapolis. It didn't take long for them to figure out that the Marshall Field's customer was different from all the rest of their customers around the country and they ended up re-opening buying offices in Chicago to accomodate their very loyal customers, who demanded something extra special and not just the "same old, same old".
Now I hear that Federated thinks their competition in Chicago is Kohl's and J.C Penney. If that is the case, I won't be shopping there, no matter what they call it! -Julie

I am 73 years old and a Chicagoan all of my life. Marshall Fields has always had a special place for me and the city of Chicago. I was always proud to say I was from Chicago because of Marshall Fields. With the Macy name, it won't matter where you come from.I always was proud to present a gift from Fields. Now my family will be dissapointed, because I will never shop Macy's. You and organization have done us a diservice. -Lorraine and Frank

When I was a kid, I used to come into the city with my Mom when we had days off, and we always went to fields. I was always awed by the number of floors and the sheer size of the place. In high school, when my friends and I went to the city we got ice cream at fields. Now, I go there to shop for good clothes and special gifts when I'm in town. My brother registered for his wedding at Fields, but you can be sure I'll never register at Macy's. Fields is a part of Chicago. It's an icon and is synonymous with a quality and history that Macy's could never match. Shame on Federated for trying to change the name! -Liz, Ann Arbor MI

Marshall Field's is...history, cachet, the windows, the toy floor, Frangos, a different box every Christmas, CHICAGO! What were they thinking? -Laura, Lake Forest IL

Marshall Field's is...everything that this city is and should be! We have such strong traditions here and coming from a family that was raised on the streets of Chicago since the fire of '71, tradition is what we look forward too. But it seems in the few passing years, most of that tradition has slipped away and the one thing I could always count on is shopping on State Street at Fields. I couldnt think about returning there, even for X-mas, if it was not Marshall fields. I support saving a family and city tradition that has been carried on for generations. We need to fight to save our history. -Mike, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...a Christmas tradition. Every year since I was able to walk, I would visit State Street to Christmas shop, visit Santa (well that stopped around 10) and have lunch with loved ones under the "the big tree" in the Walnut room. Christmas in Chicago is Marshall Fields! Only the "grinch" would steal such a wonderful Chicago Tradition. -Karyn, Lansing IL

For many years we have sought out Marshall Fields when we wanted to buy a special gift for someone. It was for many reasons, but the main reason was the Marshall Field's name. Giving a gift with the Macy name on the box is as impressive in Chicago as having Wal Mart's name on the gift. So, we won't be shopping at "Macy's". -Joseph

Iwent to college in Chicago and I soon discovered upon moving there Marshall Fields. It was hard to avoid, seeing as how I lived a few blocks away and attended school only one block away. I soon grew to love Marshall Fields, relying on its splendor for everything from my noon lunches in the basement (chicken pot pie, of course!), amazing deals on designer shoes, frango mints to bring home to the frango-less californians. The closest comparison I could ever find to describe Fields is Harrod's in London. It has everything you could ever dream of in a department store, as well as rooted in Chicago history, American history.
On my college graduation day, my parents and I feasted at the walnut room for lunch, and later got a frango sundae in the ice cream parlor. I didn't realize that my graduation and soon move back to California would also mean that I would be losing Marshall Fields.
I adore Fields. It's one of the biggest things I miss about Chicago. To let it be part of Chicago's past is a tragic mistake. -Lindsay, San Francisco CA

Marshall Field's is...part of American history. In "North by Northwest", Cary Grant mentions buying a suit at Marshall Field's...changing the name would be changing Miracle on 34th Street to Miracle on 146th Pl. in Queens.
First time taking the train to the downtown area at Christmas and shopping in awe, buying Frango mints with allowence money, and the rest at Stop-n-Shop. First department credit card and buying a suit after graduating from college. Registering for wedding gifts at the hometown store, even though I moved out of the area. Macy's is nothing compared to Marshall Field's. I don't want to have to frame a green shopping bag to remember and tell my kids about it. -Betty, NY NY

Marshall Field's is...the ONLY store I shop. From my kids' and husband's clothes, bridal, birthday and baby gifts, treasures and Frango Mint treats - I WAS loyal. Macy's offers me only one shopping possibility among the vast number of other uninspired venues. My loss of Marshall Field's is personal. The thousands of dollars I would have undoubtably spent at Marshall Field's in the future will NOT go to Macy's. That is personal too. -Linda, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...a Chicago icon. I have been a Field's customer for nearly 40 years. I was so proud when I got my first job and a Marshall Field's charge card. Field's is the store where I have shopped for birthday presents, Christmas presents, baby gifts, wedding gifts and where I, and most every Chicagoan, registered for their wedding. Field's is the place where parents from all over Chicagoland have taken their children to see Santa, view the Christmas windows, and have lunch in the Walnut Room under the beautiful Marshall Field's Christmas tree. This year I will go to Field's during the holidays to stand in line and have lunch in the Walnut Room for the last time. This is a very sad time for me and for Chicago. Macy's is taking away a tradition that I have treasured for many years. They may keep all the Field buildings, but they won't be the same with Macy's on the door. -Carolyn Naperville IL

Marshall Field's is where I learned the art of selecting fragrance. When my mother and I enter the River Oaks Marshall Field's our favorite perfume sales professional, Debbie, greets us with a smile and a kind word. We discuss her grandchild and life in general. Her kindness and the wonderful gift sets and perfumes featured are one reason we purchase our perfume from Marshall Field's. We also enjoy having lunch at Marshall Fields. The last time we went to the River Oaks Marshall Fields the eatery was not as extensive as it has been. My mother stated that "They are starting to remove the nice touches already." Here's a question, why are New York's culture and traditions considered more significant that any other cities? Part of the fun in visting other cities is shopping in well stores from the area. I've been to the flagship Macy's, it is decidely tacky. Leave us alone. I refuse to carry a Macy's bag. If I purchase anything from Marshall Fields I will write on the pay to order line Marshall Fields/macys in small print.
Fields forever -Lynn, Chicago

Marshall Field's is more than a name. It is a tradition for Chicago, my mother, and me. We have been loyal customers since I can remember. We shop there for everything including, but not limited to, work clothes, vacation clothes, party clothes, lounge clothes, with shoes and accessories to match! As you can see in the photograph attached, we are wearing our matching burgundy leather jackets on our annual After Thanksgiving Shopping Extravaganza that were purchased no where other than Marshall Fields. -Jasmine, Matteson IL

My mother is a loyal Marshall Field s Regards member. I would hate if I could not carry on the family tradition of owning a Field s card because it has been replaced by a Macy s card. I will not support a retailer who does not take into consideration the feelings of its customers. Chicago has spoken. We want Marshall Fields and will accept no alternative.

Marshall Field's is...part of the historical fabric that makes up Chicago. It is the reason we travel from out of state to visit the city. It holds memories dear for a life time. I'm still in shock they think the Macy's name would hold more value to the local shoppers or those who make the pilgrimage to the city several times a year. Keep NY in NY and leave us our Chicago Icon !!! Please reconsider. -Donette, Merrimac WI

Marshall Field's is...the store that I grew up with stories on. My mom would tell us bed-time stories of her childhood and they often included neat stories about going to the Walnut Room with her aunt or her brother. When we traveled to Chicago, Marshall Fields was one of the first places we had to visit. Then, the first Christmas we lived in Chicago, we ate under the tree on Christmas Eve. It was a lonely time, as it was our first Christmas away from home, but I remember that day very fondly. I feel that anything in a Marshall Fields bag is special. Macy's is for New Yorkers. Keep Fields in Chicago. -Joan, Ogden IL

Marshall Field's is...a very special place to me and a family tradition. My mother registered there for her wedding, and when I was born, all my baby stuff, even my furniture, came from Field's. My family has always shopped at Field's. We would go downtown to see the windows at Christmas time and to look at the Christmas tree in the Walnut room. Whenever we need to purchase a nice gift for a special occasion, we always go to Field's, and we always leave the store with something pretty, nice, of good quality, and that will last a long time. Now I am in college and I am a seasonal employee of the Marshall Field's at Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee. I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. The managers have been so good to me, and they allow me to come back to work whenever I get a break from school. I have made friends at Field's, and I have attended Marshall Field's events. Last summer, some of my Field's friends and I went to the dress rehearsal of the popular Field's fashion show at the Chicago Theatre, Glamorama. We enjoyed seeing all the new fashions and seeing the live performances, especially seeing the B52's. The Spring Hill store has an annual Christmas party, and we have had Marshall Field's pep rallies in our break room. The store spirit I feel for Marshall Field's is comparable to the school spirit I had in high school and I now have in college. I feel proud to work at such a wonderful store. I feel that we and all other Marshall Field's employees provide great service to our guests and that Field's offers the best merchandise -- stuff you can't get anywhere else. I am really sad that the Marshall Field's tradition has to end. I don't understand how anyone could take away from us what we feel is such a special part of our lives and such a special part of the city of Chicago. And I am really sad that I won't be able to continue my family's tradition. I won't be able to register for my wedding at Field's, and I won't be able to take my kids to the State Street store to show them the grandeur of it all and to provide them with the fond experiences I always had at Field's. -Amy, Algonquin IL

Marshall Field's is...as inseparable from Chicago as Macy's is from New York. As a former New Yorker, I am appalled that Federated would even consider removing the Field name, and it's time for New Yorkers to stand up for our friends in Chicago, as we would hope they would were the situation reversed. No Field's, no Federated. Period. -Lyn, Viera FL

For my family it has become our family holiday tradition. I have been bringing my daughter up every Christmas since she was born. We stroll through the store and do our last minute shopping for the holiday season. We join our friends and clebrate the holidays and we would be devistated if the Field's name and traditions were gone. We talk about our trip for weeks before we go to Chicago (we live near St.Louis) and how it finally feels like Christmas when we get there and when we walk out with our Field's bags and load them in the car after a wonderful magical weekend. Please keep it Fields. We would be so sad to know longer have those memories for our family. -Mindy, Carrollton IL

Marshall Field's IS CHICAGO. What would Chicago be like if Oprah left? Or the Cubs started playing in Gary? It wouldn't be Chicago without them. So why would you take away a Chicago legend like Marshall Field's? Field's on State Street is a historic staple in this city and Federated WILL LOSE many LOYAL customers should the name change. I live in Memphis now (lived in Chicago all my life until 2004) and I work part time at Macy's in Oak Court Mall in Memphis. When I first moved to Memphis, the store was Goldsmith's. When the Macy's name took over, not only did the merchandise change but the "feel" of the store changed. It was not the same Memphis grown Goldsmith's and MANY customers continue to express their disappointment in the store since the Macy's take over. So I already know what my fellow Chicagoans will go through if Field's becomes Macy's. When I go home, I look forward to good pizza, seeing the snow and shopping at FIELD'S on State Street. It will be a tragic day in Chicago history if Federated moves forward with their plans to re-name Marshall Field's Macy's. Marshall Field's is CHICAGO and it should stay Field's. Chicagoans are loyal and not quick to forget. Federated will be hurting themselves in the long run because Chicagoans will take their business elsewhere. Don't mess with MJ, Oprah or Marshall Field's. -Lucretia, Menphis TN

Marshall Field's is...A Chicago tradition. Most little girls dream of their big day when they will get married and all the beautiful things that are associated with that day. A girl who is from Chicago usually also dreams about registering for her wedding gifts at Marshall Field's. When I was engaged and the time approached to register I didn't even think twice about where I would go. I had always imagined registering at Marshall Field's. It's just what you do if you have been raised here. My mother and my mother in law both registered at Marshall Field's and I carried on the tradition. What a fun and exciting time it was to be planning a wedding and Marshall Field's played such an important part of it all. The shower gifts wrapped in silver and white Field's paper with the big white bows and the wedding gifts arriving at my parent's home to be opened each day when I came home from work are a cherished memory. Almost always when you receive an wedding or shower invitation in the mail you can go directly to Field's and pull up the bride's name. What a grand tradition for Chicago brides! Wedding registry in Chicago just won't be the same for brides now in Chicago. I feel bad for all the young women who had the same dream that I did about registering at Marshall Field's. These dreams can never come true for them now and for many it is a family tradition going back several generations. Shame on you Federated! And I didn't even go into Frangos, The Walnut Room, the State Street clock, the classic green shopping bags. Shame, shame , shame on you Federated for taking this away from the folks in the windy city! -Sara, Roselle IL

Marshall Field's is... home to me. I have lived in NYC now for over 15 years and yet I always look forward to coming back to Naperville, going downtown to State Street or out to Oakbrook, and spending a day shopping and having lunch w/my mother. My grandmother who would have been 101 this year spent over 25 years working at the State Street Field's, from the candy to the millinery department. My mom and I shop there in her honor. Truly. I can't imagine Chicago w/out Marshall Field's. -Heather, New York NY

Marshall Field's is...memories to our family. We had always made it a tradition to visit Fields whenever we took the L downtown. During the holidays my wife and I would have breakfast or lunch in the Walnut room to celebrate the Christmas season and promised ourselves that when we had children we would continue this tradition. We had to move away to another part of the country when we started our family and some years later we took a special trip to Fields and sat with our boys under the tree for a holiday breakfast. My wife raised her glass and with tears in her eyes gave a toast to dreams come true. -Alex, Newman GA

The name Marshall Field is synonomous with courtesy and trustworthiness in the relationsip between businesses and customers. At the time that Marshall Field opened his store, businesses made it very hard, if not impossible, for customers to return items that were defective or the wrong size,etc. Happening upon one of his salesmen who was being offensive to a customer who was trying to return an item, Mr. Field berated the salesman and said," Give the lady what she wants." The trust that he implicitly had in the goodness of most poeple changed the business practices forever in this country. Mr. Field was a giant in the reconstruction of Chicago, and his store has carried on with that giving spirit to the cultural needs of Chicago. To wipe away his name shows just what Macy's is solely about--the mighty buck. I will not give them my business if they will dishonor our hero. Believe me, this will break my heart. I have often joked that I want to be buried with a rosary and my Marshall Field's card in my hands! My first charge card was Marshall Field's thirty-seven years ago. I love Field's for all that it has been, and is. I ask that Macy's please reconsider this decision. -Mary, Oak Brook, IL

Marshall Field's is...a bridal tradition! Upon getting engaged, it was my long-awaited dream to register at Marshall Field's for bridal shower and wedding gifts. My fiance (now husband!) and I spent an entire wonderful day at the historic State Street store selecting treasures for our registry while dreaming of and planning our future together. In the Chicagoland area, it's almost a given that a bride & groom will have a registry at Field's! In times of long-honored traditions, such as bridal registries, I sincerely believe shoppers will fall back to comfortable, familiar names & shopping experiences (such as Carson's) with the absence of the Marshall Field's presence in Chicago. I'm very sad to see 100+ years of family tradition and excitement being taken away from Chicago. I wonder how New Yorkers would feel about a name change to one of their beloved historic city landmarks that screams "I am New York?" -Nancy, Geneva IL

Marshall Field's is...Chicago. How could they do this to us? Federated is just very wrong about this. Field's is as Chicago as the White Sox and the Cubs. Where is your heart Mr. Federated? We know you are bigger and I guess this shows us you are also badder! -Rose, Matteson IL

Simply stated, "Marshall Field's is Chicago", so the old advertizing phrase used by the store in the 1970's through the 1990's stated. There are few businesses in this City that have had such a legendary impact, throughout its history as Marshall Field, the individual and the store that bears his name. From the earliest time, through the development of State Street, the expansion of the City in the 19th Century, to the coming of the World's Fair---to the establishment of the Field Museum of Natural History, the Shedd Aquarium, etc. No other business has had such legendary leadership or such grand civic interest. The store and the name have great broad appeal, and Federated would be wise to continue to build the "Field" name into the Neiman-Marcus of the Federated Chain with 60 stores. Instead, an overzealous CEO has determined "a hominizaged national brand name", akin to Sears-KMart stores, is a way of streamlining their business. I have a feeling that this change may bring about some hi-level resignations in the future. It certainly happened at May Dept Stores, and may be the begininng of the unraveling of Federated if suggested National boycotts of all of their stores, throughout Chicago and elsewhere are imposed by citizens and shoppers. I would suggest that such an effort may be indeed successful, but would also encourage all individuals to write to Macy's/Federated's CEO and Board at the Macy's address on 34th Street in New York City. Let's make this happen! -Ward, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...Christmas under the majestic tree, drinking hot chocolate and revelling in the awe of the sparkling ornaments. Field's is a unique green gift box that signifies something wonderful is inside. Field's is frango mints--the universally perfect gift for any and every occasion!
Macy's is...NEW YORK CITY! Boo, Hiss!!! GO BACK TO NEW YORK!!! -Suzie IL

Marshall Field's is...tradition. Whether it's looking at the Christmas windows on State Street, visiting the Walnut Room, or strolling through our local Field's store in our many regional shopping centers...Field's brings back wonderful memories of the past, which inspires continued patronage. My personal memories of Field s go back to my childhood days shopping at the new mall (at the time), Woodfield. My mom would always park outside Field's whenever we went to Woodfield. Field s is where my wife and I registered for our wedding gifts. Field s was one of my first credit cards. Field's represents quality and service not known to Macy's. I completely understand Federated s desire to market under one brand, but it is a huge mistake messing with an institution like Marshall Field s. This name change is going to create a backlash in the retail world and just further dilutes our great city of Chicago. Mr. Lundgren, please reconsider your decision to change one of our great Chicago institutions. -John, Lake in the Hills, IL

Marshall Field's is...Chicago. Plain and simple. As a former Fields employee, I am proud to have been part of this Chicago tradition. Fields to me is: Fields green, Frango mints, Field days, customer service, a large green step van with faulty brakes, a green Fields smock, friendly employees and co-workers. I recognize what is being called a business decision, but a Walnut Room with any other name is just a restaurant in a store. -Roger, Bolingbrook IL

Marshall Field's is...Chicago and has been a part of my life. What's in a name? A LOT!!!! This name is a part of Chicago, present and past. This name is about a part of our City and a part of our lives. Taking the name of Marshall Field's away will be taking away a part of Chicago. Marshall Field built this great store, not Macy.
I was born and raised in Chicago. I remember when I was a kid on weekends my cousin used to take me downtown to Field's to go shopping and then we would have lunch in the Walnut Room. Continuing the tradition of weekends at Field's, my kids have come to know that on some weekends Mom will take them downtown to Field's for lunch, and, of course, we can't leave without buying some candy. I would like my kids to be able to someday continue the tradition of weekend lunches at Field's with their families.
I myself have been a very loyal Field's customer for about the last 25 years. I shop there all the time (probably more than I should) because it is a beautiful store with quality merchandise and employees that will do anything they can to help you. I enjoy eating lunch there, not only for the delicious food, but more for the great atmosphere.
Marshall Field's is famous nationwide. I work downtown and I will be walking down State Street on my lunch hour and have had people from out of town ask me - Where is Marshall Field's? I usually tell them, - You have asked the right person and point them in the direction of Field's. I don't think I will have anyone from out of town asking me where to find Macy's.
I will not be able to walk into Field's once it has the Macy's name on it. In fact, I will have to avoid the corner of State and Washington altogether because it will be too upsetting. I heard there was a survey taken and supposedly two thirds of the people don't mind the name change. I would like to know two thirds of what people? Nobody asked me.
I will have to cut up my Field's charge card and never shop there again. They are not considering how the very people who shop at Field's feel about this. I can't control what they do, but I can control where I spend my money, and it won't be a Macy's.
The day the name changes will be a very sad day for me and for all of Chicago. Marshall Fields has been a part of my life and I will miss it very much.

Marshall Field's is... An important part of Chicago. Just like the Hancock, the mag mile and the lake front. My family has been going to Fields every Christmas Eve for forty plus years. We've agreed to end that tradition after this year if Macy's name is on the door. -Julie, Chicago

Marshall Field's is a big part of my life's memories. I remember loved ones who are gone now and the wonderful times we had shopping at Field's. I remember being taken downtown at Christmas in the 1940's to see Santa and have lunch under the tree. The line for Santa was as long then as the line for the Walnut Room is now, but I was seeing "the real Santa." Afterwards I always got to pick out a small gift in the toy section. Once I was so tired by the end of the afternoon that I sat down on the escalator steps and my mother and other shoppers frantically pulled me up before my coat got caught in the machinery. The tradition my mother started I continued, taking my children down for lunch under the tree. These days, my grown daughter and I plan our trip downtown to Field's, only now we stay at a downtown hotel, see a play, and the next day shop at Field's and see the windows. We often have breakfast at Field's to avoid the long line at lunch. Last week I had dinner under the tree with a friend. If I'm feeling low, I'll go to Field's and it always makes me feel better. Chicago without Marshall Field's? I don't even like to think about it. -Donna

Marshall Field's is...an institution that epitomized Chicago when I was growing up there in the 1940s and 1950s. When I got married and had my daughter, it was a highlight of her young life when I took her there for lunch at the Walnut Room. I also bought all of her clothes there, assuring that she would learn the rudiments of good taste. Even when we moved to Washington, DC in 1969, when we returned, it was off to Marshall Field's to buy Frango Mints and some more clothes. In Washington, DC, I used to work for Fashion Director of the city's top upscale department store, Garfinckel's. Soon after, Federated bought Garfinckel's and basically destroyed it. Federated knows lower-end retail but every upscale store they touch, they destroy. Is this what we really want? Or need? It is very important to keep Marshall Field's Marshall Field's, not just for Chicago but for the world. Let's hope that Federated doesn't buy Harrod's, the last of the great ones. -Doreen, Washington DC

Marshall Field's is...a unique institution in an era of blandness! Field's is an icon, and instead of working to make it the same as every other store, Federated should recognize the jewel that it is! -Jane, Mayville WI

Marshall Field's is...perfection. The service and atmosphere are impeccable. This is the store where I got my first Camp Fire uniform, my first Madame Alexander Dolls, the gold cross I got for graduation that I still wear around my neck today and much more. I'm not a wealthy woman, but when I step into Field's I feel like a princess. Getting something in one of those green boxes is like magic. It's also part of a Chicagoans heritage that's being ripped away from us. I can't imagine that magnificant building on State Street bearing any other name or colors. Marshall Field's is what it was built to be! If we allow this to happen it wil be like losing an old friend with Macy's holding the gun. What a sad day. -Dona, Chicago IL

Marshall Field's is...Not Macy's! and it should never be. I grew up in Miami and Macy's took over our "Marshall Fields", Burdines Department Store, an institution in this city for 110 years. The service, especially at the flagship store on Flagler Street has become worse since the nasty takeover became official in March. I waited for 25 minutes before fianlly getting help just to buy a tie. This never happened at my beloved Burdines. Macy's is a bunch of crap when they claim customer surveys are a reason for the change. The real reason if profit, rather than true customer service. Why not use your so-called expertise in making Fields stronger rather than destroying a landmark institution. And why not publish these surveys in the midst of skepticism and outrage over this horrible alien invasion.

Marshall Field is classy, distinct, elegant and everything that Macy's is not. Looking at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will forever be tarnished and scarred by its unwholesome business pratices. I'm going to Carson Pirie Scott. -Erick, Miami FL

Marshall Field's is...tradition, quality and stability. We have shopped at Field's for 40+ years. We have taken our family, (3 generations) to State Street for lunch "under the tree" in the Walnut for 20 years. Standing in line for 2-3 hours is even part of the event we look forward to. We have found so many great items at Field's, enjoyed the displays and traveled many miles to shop at Field's. This is a store which we want to support, but if the names changes then we will be forced to change our support also. -Kim, Oswego IL

I just finished reading the biography of the Field family. The contribution Marshall Field and his family have given this city would be nothing short of disgraceful to this fine city that has been my home all my live...I will enjoy The Walnut Room this holiday season, because I can guarantee this, my days of spending at Marshall Field's may be coming to an ending very shortly. We love Field's. It is part of our city's history. "Meet me under the Clock" was a common utterance when Marshall Field built on State street. Everyone know exactly where that was. Our city has a rich history, as does New York. You keep yours, and please let us keep ours. I remember shopping for my clothes for kindergarten and new school shoes in 1958 at Marshall Fields...one of my earliest memories... -Cathy, Hinsdale IL

Every family has their own traditions, and mine is no exception. My parents grew up in Chicago, and they have fond memories of the city. At a young age, my mother began a yearly tradition with my grandmother of going to the State Street, Marshall Fields to look at the holiday windows and have lunch in the Narcissus room. My mother's favorite part of the store was the magnificent toy department with its endless glass cases filled with all sorts of stuffed animals and dolls.
Since I was very little, my mother and I have continued this tradition every year, except we have lunch in the magnificent Walnut Room. The store always seems to be magical during the holiday season, and it has always held a special place in my heart. I find it very upsetting to see this store, that has been one of the staples in Chicago since the 1800s, lose its name. I realize that Federated Department Stores owns it now, but could they at least show some courtesy to the Chicago people and keep the name of the State Street store? I hope Federated Department Stores will take into consideration that the State Street, Marshall Fields has never been only a store to Chicago, but a landmark, a tradition, and a piece of its history. -Sarah

Marshall Field's is...one of our fondest memories of "The City".
I grew up in Waukegan then Gurnee. I married a "City" Man and Moved to Michigan City (long Beach) Ind. When my three children were small, I would bundle them up, Hats, scarves, mittens stroller, diper bag and park our van at the South Shore Station in MIchigan City. It was freezing. The South Shore left a lot to be desired. In the meantime, My Mother Connie McGill, would board the North Shore in Waukegan. May I add that her ride was a bit more pleasureable than ours. We would meet under the clock. The Walnut Room was our destination. We would wait in line for what seemed to be hours. The tree, That beautiful Christmas Tree, the children would ooh and ah. It was wonderful and well worth the wait. This became a tradition all through the 1970's. We would eat and shop then return to our prespective homes. It was exhausting and wonderful at the same time.
When We left the Midwest for Tex in the 80's. My Sister-in- Law gave me " The Clock" with a card that read "Don't forget where you came from". I treasure my clock. Its a smallish green ceramic cookie jar. It's really to small for cookies, so I keep it on my cookbook shelf,in plain sight. I see it every day.
Now it's 2005, My mother and I are here in sunny Florida with my grandchildren and her great grandchildren telling everyone about "The Clock" and that it belongs to Marshal Field. You can't possibly be thinking of changing the name. I wish we could be there to protest the change. You are in our thoughts and hearts. -Sharon and Connie, Bradenton FL

Marshall Field's is my very favorite department store in this country. I first visited there in 1975 when I was still living in the S.F. Bay Area and even then, we had nothing like it in S.F. I subsequently moved to Urbana, IL and usually visit Chicago at least once a year. I always go to the Walnut Room for lunch and spend hours shopping at Marshall Field's, soaking up the ambience and occasionally buying myself a treat or two. If Marshall Field's becomes Macy's, it will not be the same. I know. I am familiar with Macy's California and it certainly does not have the class that Field's does. In fact, if Marshall Field's does become Macy's Illinois, I will never, ever shop there again. I think Macy's California helped squeeze out a number of the major S.F. area dept. stores such as the Emporium, Capwell's, I. Magnin, etc., so Carson Pirie Scott should beware as well. It is NOT a good organization. -Karen, Urbana IL

Marshall Field's is...my earliest shopping memory. My mother and grandmother and I would visit the State Street store around this time of year. My grandmother would tell me of the days when you would dress to the nines and wouldn't be caught dead without gloves and a hat in Marshall Fields. It is a tradition that the ladies of my family have kept alive for nearly 60 years. I am heartbroken at the thought that Federated thinks it knows better than the generations of people who have been loyal Marshall Fields shoppers. -Lori, Des Plaines

Marshall Field's is...Marshall Field's belongs to our city and we belong to the store. This is where my grandmother would take me when she met her sister downtown and we would have lundh in the Walnut Room. We would gladly stand in line for an hour or so to eat with the Easter Bunny or have lunch under the "Big Tree". I continued this tradition with my children and again with my granddaughters. We go downtown to see the windows every year. I remember shopping with my father for special gifts at the loop location. That is where my first piano came from in the 50's. I shop at the store every time I am downtown. I shop at the suburban stores on a monthly basis. The name represents heritage, tradition and a certain style that nobody else can begin to achieve.
I have been to New York and went to Macy's. It was not the same. I understand that New Yorkers feel as strongly about Macy's as we do about Fields. Can you perhaps hyphenate the name to Marshall Field's-Macy's? Better yet, leave it alone...I am waiting to see if you are going to be sensitive to our feelings before I cut up my charge card and return it to you.
Thanks you for the opportunity to let you know how people really feel.-Diane, Tinley Park, IL

Marshall Field's is...a family tradition. My grandmother who died when I was 16 years old ( I am now 32)was a Field's fanatic. Ever since I can remember my grandmother shopped at Field's, owned stock, worked at Field's, and was even buried in the cemetry across from Old Orchard shopping mall facing Field's. The memories I have of the store are too many to name. Although, some of my favorite memories are when my grandmother worked there in the stationary dept. and we would go and pick her up at work. She always had a smile on her face at the end of the day. The other memory I have is when it was time for me to start a new school year and my grandma would take me on a shopping spree. We would start their early in the morning and go until late in the evening. My grandmother knew the store like the back of her hand. By the 4th-5th hour of shopping I would be dragging however, my grandma was going strong (and we would contuine for many more hours). We also every year would go and eat lunchin the Walnut Room and see the X-mas tree. The memory that really sums up what Field's means to our me and our family is that when my grandmother and grandfather went looking for where they wanted to be buried my grandmother insisted that she be buried at the cemetery across from Old Orchard Mall under a big tree facing Field's. That was my grandmother's last request. I feel like she is being let down in some way.
I guess I will always have the memories that we shared together. However, I won't be able to take my daughter to the place my grandmother once loved. -Lauren, Naperville IL

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