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The following are some of the hundreds of stories we've received via e-mail from people who love Marshall Field's. More stories can be found by navigating the menu to left. Please note that, due to the extremely large number of entries, only a selected number of stories have been posted on the site.

Marshall Field's is... love. My late husband and I met, worked and loved there. Our first date was under the clock, we registered at MF and we still have many mutual friends there. In fact our boss is still there and we/I adore him. Marshall Fields has always been there in good times and bad and we loved visiting the State Street store where we used to work at. Both of our first credit cards were from Marshall Fields. We even looked into getting married at the Walnut Room. We adored the christmas's there. No one can do Christmas like Marshall Fields State Street can. My husband always predicted that Marshall Fields would be no more - for my sake - please don't make that so. I have the most wonderful memories there from work to the Christmas rush. I don't want to let go of those memories. Nor would my family of 30 who are ALL credit card carrying Marshall Field's consumers. -Nancy, Arlington Heights IL

Marshall Field's is...Well actually it should read, Daytons's, but hey I've learned to deal with the first name change, still recognizing the greatness behind the Field's name and a midwestern sense of progressive style. I still want a green bag, I want the same great selection. I HATE MACY'S! If I wanted to shop there I would, but I hate both Bloomies and Macy's, take a lesson Federated, Marshall Fields can hold its own! Take my store and I will stay away from federated. -Brian, Rochester MN

Marshall Field's is...tradition. Whether it was Dayton's or Marshall Field's, the holiday auditorium show, flower show and now many fashion events have meant something to this community just as it does in Chicago. With headquarters here, this is our home town department store and I would strongly encourage Federated to allow Marshall Field's to keep it's name, it's employees and it's tradition -Lynn, Minneapolis

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how AWFUL the idea to change Field's into a Macy's is. I've lived in Manhattan, Minneapolis and Chicago, and there is a WORLD of difference between the two stores. Field's is "home", is known for quality, better clothing and goods while Macy's is very down market. I would not set foot in Macy's and will take my business elsewhere Field's becomes Macy's. With travel and the internet, it is easy to find quality goods elsewhere if you force people to. -Chris, Minneapolis MN

Marshall Field's is... a class act. Like Minneapolis' venerable Dayton's before it, Marshall Field's is a store that respects its customers, carries quality merchandise, and gives generously to the community. Dayton's and Marshall Field's have been stores that are deeply rooted in the local community, that care about people, and that share progressive midwestern values. Minnesotans were saddened when Dayton's ceased to be, but we have embraced Marshall Field's because the quality, care, and elegance have been maintained. We know that this will not be true of Macy's. How different would such a change be from the "Walmartization" of America, where merchandise is limited, stores are sloppy, and service is lack-luster? Not very. Let's keep a class act while we can. -Matthew, Maple Grove MN

Marshall Field's is... and has been a constant in my life for the 59 years I have been on this earth. At the age of 1 my parents took me to "Fields" for my first pair of real shoes, and the State Street store has been a member of my family ever since. This legacy has been passed on to my children and grand children. Our Fields has been the place to meet, shop, dine, plan, dream, grieve and rejoice. It is one of the few places of continuity, class, and tradition left in our fair city. It's hip and traditional always and forever. I was born and raised in Chicago, and although I live in suburbia now, I continue to meet friends and family for all the wonderful moments to be enjoyed and cherished at Marshall Fields. -Mary, Grayslake IL

Marshall Field's is...a tradition. My husband and I have not lived in Minneapolis (or the Midwest) for over 4 years. However, whenever we are town to visit, we always make a point of going to Field's to "check things out." It is still our department store of choice and truly a destination. It is the benchmark that we compare all other department stores to. It is of a higher caliber than Macy's and I am both saddened and surprised that Federated underestimates the power of the name Marshall Fields. -Kate, Nashville TN

Marshall Field's is a store that I grew up with. Granted, the store in Rockford, IL was not that big, but those grand white arches over Center Court at CherryVale mall are a memory from when I was quite little, along with the script "Marshall Field and Comany" in green letters. Thankfully, though the store has changed, that look is still there, still the same. I've shopped at many Marshall Field's stores over the years, including State Street, Oak Brook, Woodfield, Water Tower Place, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rosedale, Maplewood, Brookdale, Southdale, and Eau Claire. I even worked for Marshall Field's--at Southdale--in the Lakeshore Grill and Marketplace Foods, for a year and a half, an employment which ceased recently when I was hired by the regional Von Maur department store chain at Eden Prairie, MN. Despite my change in employer, driven mainly by a pay increase, I still shop at Marshall Field's and I love it. The State Street and Minneapolis stores are landmarks and should never, ever be changed. That name should never be changed. Marshall Field's carries items that I can't find at Von Maur, Nordstrom, Herberger's, Bloomingdale's, or Macy's. Marshall Field's is a nameplate that I revere. Honestly, in the four years that I've lived in Minnesota--where I have Field's, Macy's and Bloomingdale's close at hand--I've bought many items at Field's, but only THREE at Macy's and Bloomingdale's. (Three items in four years--think about that!). Again, that's because Field's carries items the other two stores don't. As for reports that Marshall Field's is not as nice as Bloomingdale's, well, that's total bull. Field's is WAY nicer than Macy's, and it will be a crying shame if that revered nameplate goes the way of the dinosaur. I now heavily sympathize with my Minnesota neighbors that lost Dayton's a few years ago, because now I am faced with possibly going through the same thing. Last year, when I worked for Marshall Field's, it was reported that Federated (if they had won the right to buy Field's from Target Corp.) would keep the Marshall Field's name. I only hope that, now, they have the same sense to keep such a time-honored nameplate. Changing the retail landscape to offer only two choices in a majority of markets--and in some markets, only one--is most definitely NOT a change for the better. That's why I don't like Microsoft's efforts to make the whole world run on one computer platform, and that's why, if Marshall Field's disappears and is turned into a cheap Macy's, I will take my business to Herberger's (or Carson's or Bergner's or Younkers), JCPenney, Nordstrom, and Von Maur. I will absolutely NOT shop at Macy's or Bloomingdale's ever again if this happens. And I know there are a lot of other people like me. It was reported in the Twin Cities media that Federated believes people would still shop at Macy's because they offer the same merchandise as Field's. Well, they don't, and I won't. -Paul, Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is...what I grew up with. I lived in Iowa as a child and went to Chicago to shop at Fields. I have shopped at Macy's once and it is not the same. I can't even believe that Federated would consider getting rid of such a strong brand name in the midwest. They will only be shooting themselves in the foot. I will not shop at Macy's. -Jill, Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is...SO MUCH MORE than a place to have wonderful holiday memories! It's also someplace I shop regularly (several times each month). You can always find what you need. Whether shopping for a gift, or just browsing, which usually leads to leaving the store with at least 3 or 4 shopping bags! I really can't imagine having another store as my "main" store. So many of my family and friends feel the same way. And the employees are all so wonderful, it's like visiting with friends. I think Federated is in for a HUGE surprise ($) if they change the store to Macy's. It would be a slap in the face to Chicago. I, for one, will slap back and sadly take my business to Nordstrom and Carson's. Macy's will fail here. Please keep it Field's - for so many reasons.-Michele, Woodridge IL

Marshall Field's IS Chicago. Growing up in Chicago, we'd go downtown to see Fields' magnificent Christmas displays and eating in the famed Walnut Room. During college, I worked in the men's department and once witnessed Bob Seger buying underwear. As an adult, "under the Field's clock" was a meeting point for all things downtown Chicago. I worked near State Street, and spent most of my lunches dining there and shopping. My Marshall Field's charge card is the only store specific card I own. I work in marketing and understand the value of broad brand reach that a change to the Macy's name could provide. It's just that in the Midwest, Macy's is meaningless, and Field's is the real deal. And Chicagoans, former or current, are tremendously loyal to their brands, and their City. Emotional appeals aside, it's a sound business, and brand, decision to keep Fields Fields. -Gina, St Paul MN

Marshall Field's is...like Lord & Taylor, the signature of American style. It is a representation of the luxury of yesterday, today and the future. It is a symbol of syle, quality, selection, integrity and uncompromising customer service. It is a name associated with history and heritage. Those of us from Michigan link it to Hudson's. Those of us like myself who worked for Hudsons during the switchover, have seen the marriage of two prestigous names into a single family...a family of style and unwilling compromise in quality and fashion. The conversion of Marshall Field's to Macy's would not only be an insult to the company, but to the shoppers that have so many fond memories and continue to come back to relive those memories and keep the feelings alive. THe feeling of going downtown to see the Christmas decorations, stand in awe of the Tiffany Dome and the many water fountains, and aroma of the Walnut Room and colors of the Frango store. The feeling of togetherness, the feeling of nostalgia, and the feeling of social class and contemporary elegance. -Steven, Howell MI

Marshall Field's is...A store unlike the traditional department store. It is clearly a premium shopping experience from that of Macy's. I have walked through, but never bought a single item from the Macy's store in town... and always purchased from Marshall Fields because of its creativity, innovation, and differentiation. I pay more to shop at Marshall Fields. If these store's become Macy's that will all be lost. You'll find me and my dollars at Nordstrom or Van Mauer... but in NO case Macy's. -Jeff, Minneapolis

Where my grandmother met my grandfather some 70+years ago when he bought a suit from her. Marshall Field's was where my family shopped for Christmas. Marshall Field's was where I worked my way through college. Marshall Field's was where all of my siblings and I registered for our weddings. Marshall Field's was my first taste of working in a department store buying office, where I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. Just like Mary Tyler Moore. Even as I sit at my new non-Fields job, I have my replica of the State Street Clock on my desk reminding me of my roots. Marshall Field's is such an integral part of life here in the midwest, and I can't imagine Macy's would have the same commitment to it's guests, employees and communities as our beloved Field's. -Dani, Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is...Christmas and Easter displays, green shopping bags and the Oval Room. Manadarin Chicken salad and popovers. These may seem small, but to me they are familiar and have been a big part of my life. -Madonna, Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is...FUN!!! I am a lifelong Marshall Fields shopper. I grew up in Chicago and moved to Minnesota in 1978. I was thrilled when Dayton's became Marshall Fields. Right now I probably average a MF visit 3 times a week. Would that continue if it became Macy's? Probably not. We do have Macy's here and I do not care for it. I believe some of the sales people are not very good, but the main ingredient for me is the pricing and sales. Marshall Fields tends to move items quicker and keep more up to date fashions. Marshall Fields sales are constant and coupons are wonderful! It says to me that they appreciate my business! Macy's tends to keep clothing not only longer, but they do not discount as quick as Marshall Fields does. Would I miss shopping Marshall Fields if it changed to Macy's? Yes, very much. But there are many unique stores such as Banana Republic, Anthropologie and stores like Chico's for us to shop at. Macy's - DON"T change anything about Marshall Fields or you will be the one who loses in the end. -Mary Kay, Mahtomedi, MN

I live in Arizona and unfortunately we have no Marshall Field's out here. We do have Macy s and I never shop there. I come to Chicago to visit family and one of the highlights of my trip is the Marshall Field's on State Street. It is one of the greatest stores ever. I urge no I beg you not to change the name. there is history behind Marshall Field's. keep that history alive. -Nicholas, Cave Creek AZ

Marshall Field's is...CHICAGO. The logo, the colors, the bags, every part of it is Chicago. There is a lot in the Marshall Field's name...history, memories, fun, traditions. Changing it to another name will offend customers and we can hold a grudge here in Chicago. -Denise, Evanston IL

Marshall Field's is...important! As a Minnesotan, we are more familiar with the Dayton's name...which has become Marshall Field's. Fortunately, the company has continued on with the same traditions and generosity to the community. My first credit card was at Field's (Dayton's) and helped me learn about money. I have worked for Field's and have seen what they stand for, the great merchandise they carry (that other retailers do not) and how they treat their customers. Marshall Fields is important to the midwest...and customer loyalty is too. I think if Federated changes the name, they will loose a lot of customers because it shows that corporate America doesn't listen to the "little guy". -Andrew, Minneapolis MN

Marshall Field's is... THE BEST STORE EVER! It is part of the Midwest and let's keep it that way! -Rachel, MN

Marshall Field's embodies the true characteristics of the dying breed of pure-bread department stores. Beneath the downplayed luxe of Nordstrom or the increasingly barnyard atmosphere of Macy s, lies simply a store. Only Marshall Fields is powerful enough to carry a reasonably chic brand of its own, as well as carry on the tradition of complete home departments, designer mens clothing and shoes, and multi-faceted women s departments that cater to every age, body type, and income earner. Perhaps it is that last quality that shows the true grandeur of Marshall Field's. Although distinctly classy and designer-oriented, Marshall Field's remains as comfortable and affordable to just about anyone. I would never shop at Macy s. When I think of Macy s, I think of clothing on the ground, home departments where every item of linen or sheets has been picked over and opened, and that eerie echo in their cosmetics departments of clanging this and clanging that. Macy s stores don t offer ready-to-eat food departments, restaurants, Coach shoes, French Connection, Juicy Couture, Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, and certainly nothing comparable to an Oval Room. To replace Marshall Fields with a Macy s is like turning Saks Fifth Avenue into a Fleet Farm. -Adam, Eden Prairie MN

I grew up with Dayton's here in Minneapolis. The day I turned 16 I got my first credit card there. When Dayton's name was changed to Marshall Fields at least I knew it was the same caliber of store. Now turn it into a Macy's.....please. Keep it the way it is. Or else there are a lot a people that stayed loyal thru the last name change who will be gone. -Joanne, Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is...simply one of the greatest department stores of our time. I visited Chicago for the first time last summer, and one of my reasons for going, was to see Field's. Both the Water Tower and State Street stores floored me. I had never seen any stores quite like them. I understand the fondness Chicagoans have for Marshall Field's because it represents their piece of the world and their history. Thanks to Federated, the Los Angeles area no longer has a department store with roots in southern California. Venerable L.A. chains Bullock's and The Broadway were lumped into Macy's in 1996 after Federated's acquisition of Macy's (which owned Bullock's) in 1994, and Broadway Stores in 1995. Both were chains I grew up with and had sentimental attachments to especially Bullock's, so when I visited Field's I was reminded in a way of how Bullock's used to be. Macy's isn't all that special to me. I admit I do most of my shopping there partly because of loyalty to what stores they used to be, and partly because the alternative, the soon to be defunct Robinsons-May is rather dull. Macy's was more special when it wasn't in our area. It used to represent a geographical divide in California. Macy's was associated with San Francisco and the north, while its former sister chain Bullock's was associated with L.A. and southern California. Federated changed all of that and it hasn't necessarily been for the better.Macy's is too much of a generic department store and lacks that uniqueness that Marshall Field's has. Hopefully our voices will be heard, and Field's will keep its place on State Street, the Magnificent Mile, and all its other locations. Federated thinks name recognition is important, and Field's is one of the most important names in retail. -Joseph, Lomita CA

Marshall Field's is...I am originally from Connecticut and have lived in Mpls for over 38 years. Dayton's (MF)was one of the first stores I visited since arriving here. I am a Regards customer and probably average going to the store once a week. Would be very disappointed if the name changed and, to be honest, would not shop there anymore. -Linda, Richfield MN

I still like Dayton's. But changing to Macy's would be a disaster. -J., Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is...the elegant lady from the midwest with a refined sense of class and style who knows what the lady wants as she is that lady. Field's is the epitome of the department store. Most of the other stores are simply regional to their cities and that is it. Field's is well known not only ALL OVER the U.S. but also all over the world. Macy's is that lower end store where Thelma Ritter...uneducated with that heavy New York accent..shops in the movie. The kind of women who wear cheap polyster and whose homes smell like burned food shop there. Mr. Lundgren has this childhood fantasy due to the movie and the parade that it is the best store in the world. Typically arrogant to think only a New York store can set the standard for shopping. GIVE THE LADY...AND THE MAN, WHAT THEY WANT...GIVE US FIELD'S!!!!!! -John, Chicago IL

Marshall Field's is...my first experience with an icon. I will never forget the first time that I walked into the State Street store and stood in the middle looking up at the seemingly never-ending floors of merchandise. The awe and amazement that I felt when I returned at Christmas to stand in line with the hundreds of other locals and visitors to view the latest themed creations in the street front windows. The amazing warmth and friendliness that the employees greeted me with every time that I walked through the store. Marshall Field's is not just another department store. It is an icon of our retail heritage. To let it just be swept under the carpet and put under another name as if it were just another store mixed in with a corporate takeover would be like destroying a piece of our national history. -Jennifer, Dallas TX

My daughter, now 23 years old, still recalls her THIRD birthday party when a relative gave her a gift in The Green Box. She said, in front of all her family and friends, "oh LOOK, Mommy! It's from Marshall Field's!"From the mouths of babes. Not only is she still a Babe, she still feels that way about Marshall Field's. AND she works at Younkers in Iowa. -Janet, Oak Forest IL

Marshall Field's is...Dayton's and nor Marshall Fields has been a mainstay in the Mpls area for years and the name should stay. I never go to shop at Macy's at the Mall of America because I do not like their store or merchandise. We need to keep the Marshall Field stores and name here in Minneapolis and also Chicago and Detroit. Why would consumers only want to have Macy's as our only choice? Dee, Minneapolis MN

Marshall Field's is...My first trip to Chicago! As a child, my mom and I spent numerous hours in Dayton's, and I cried when I had to cut up my Dayton's credit card. Although it took me awhile to adapt, Dayton's transformation into Marshall Field's has been incredible, I won't shop at any other department store. When it came to registering for gifts for my upcoming wedding, I knew we would find the nicest and the most items at Marshall Field's. I think my fiance and I have received every roll of wedding wrapping paper Marshall Field's has in Minnesota! When I was 3 years old, my mom and I were walking through Dayton's and I started holding my hand out horizontally in front of me. When my mom asked what I was doing, I replied, Walking my dog, Marshall, very matter of factly. That imaginary dog created at Dayton's (now MARSHALL Field's in MN) lived with me for months! I've always hoped to get a dog and name him Marshall after my imaginary friend and the store where he was born (and maybe a second named Fields!) Although it sounds silly, please keep the name that means so much to so many. -Lindsay, Plymouth MN

Marshall Field's is...Customer Service giving the customer what they want. At one time Marshall Fields had the largest book department in a department store. It had sales clerks who knew their merchandise, who were able to give segestions on various books for the smallest gift . When I was there you remember various sellers who would help you in their expertise. There was Paulete in Children's books, Richard Koehler in Science Fiction, Marge Chambers in travel, Sam Fisher in cook books. Mr. Irvin Mitchell, in Fiction, David Wylie in Political Science, Charles Bliss in Business. The list will go on and on, these people were at the flag ship store at state street. Its funny you would ask them where to find a book, and they could tell you what fixture it was on , what row, and what book it was next to. These were professional sales people who thru there service to the company it would rub off, and the sales clerks of today would follow. Marshall Fields have clerks that will help you and treat you as a guest. They are not like the clerks at other department stores who will just ring up the merchandise and put the book in a bag and say thanks. At Fields they would wrap your book, and at Christmas time they would take the time and wrap it up in special Christmas wrap. The Field's employee cares for their customer. It is not just a number of sales in a day, it is making a lifelong friend, so that they will come back. -Jim, Elmhusrt IL

Marshall Field's is the premiere name in Chicago retailers. When I was a child, my parents had a large (publicity) book showing Marshall Fields' stores in major cities of the world. The memory of that prestigious tome has always been reinforced by visits to the Fields' stores. Macy's is for parades. -Don

Marshall Field's is... still holding its own under the May name. Here in Minneapolis we are still recovering from changing from Dayton's to Fields. At least May Co. has not removed any of the service levels or community involvment events. We cannot take another change. Macy's at the mall of america has a terrible reputation in Minneapolis. Marshall Field's is the ONLY place to shop! We will not go to Macy's! -Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is not just a name, it's a shopping "experience" which many of us have come to expect in the mid-west. For me, this is especially true for the Field's store in downtown Minneapolis. From the Field Gear name brand (which is some of the best bed & bath products around) to outstanding selection of men's clothing that you can't find at many other retailers. I have shopped at Macy's and Bloomingdale's at the Mall of American and in Manhattan (NYC). Both of these are fine stores, but I haven't found the same connection that I have found with Field's. If all of our area Field's were renamed and re-engineered as either Macy's or Bloomingdale's, I don't think that I would stop shopping at those locations altogether; however, the homogenization of these stores into just one type of shopping experience would likely result in me looking for alternative places to shop. If it doesn't feel special enough to me, then it's not worth the extra effort for me to go there versus other retailers in my area (or on-line). Whatever decision you choose, please do take the time to consider the emotional affect that such a decision would make on the customer base. I know that Minneapolis residents feel as strongly about this issue as Chicago residents. Thanks. -Rick, Brooklyn Park MN

Marshall Field's is... my last name! Field's is my family store. Ok it is very distant family but still family. The Field family name has been in the Chicago area for many years, the store and the museum. Please don't change the name of the store. It is part of Chicago. Everyone who has grown up here depends on Field's. You will be hurting a great city. -Katie, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...more than just a name. It is a part of our life and history. It may not mean much to any of big wigs at Federated. Taking away the Marshall Field's name would be like taking away Macy's from the Thanksgiving Day parade. I have known Marshall Field's longer than I knew about Macy's or Bloomingdale's and will not hesitate to take my business elsewhere if it is changed. You can make the Marshall Field's name even better known and expand the products they currently offer. -Randy, Richfield MN

Marshall Field's is... home. I grew up going to Dayton's, my cousin worked at the Downtown Minneapolis store and we loved it! I always felt so special going to school in my very small town telling everyone that my new school clothes came from Daytons, not everyone there got to a Dayton's! I got my prom dresses there, we didn't even look at any other stores, there wasn't even the thought of that. My dad dropped off my mom and me at Dayton's Southdale and said, you have 30 minutes to find a dress! Well, no problem!!! We were done in 20! I live in Arizona now but everytime I go back to Minnesota one of my first stops is Marshall Fields, I'm almost on edge until I can get there... It scares my husband a little bit... I haven't found a good store to shop at here in AZ and we've been here 4 years, nothing can compare to Marshall Fields. It is my one regret of moving away, no more green shopping bags, no regular great shopping. If the stores lose their name, their identity, they will no longer be great, they will just be a store. Jackie - Mesa AZ

Marshall Field's is the best Department Store in the US. I was born in suburban Chicago and lived in Peoria til I was 12. We made 2-3 trips to Chicago by train each year to shop since the stores were better. Marshall Field was the ultimate destination. I have been fortunate to have traveled to Chicago on business through the years and one of highlights is shopping at the State Street Store or Water Tower Place. I still have a Field charge card. I have been to department stores in New York and all other major cities in the US and no shopping experience can compare to Marshall Fields. I consider Saks and Bloomingdales to be less of a shopping experience than Marshall Fields. Macy*s is way below Fields. I recent years, the Federated Department Stores have become very trashy. I lived in Atlanta for 8 years and customer service at Rich's and Macy*s was extremly poor. The aisle were cramped merchandise which was presented poorly. And then there were the constant sales and coupons. It was such a pleasure to go to Chicago or Minneapolis and shop in a Department Store where the merchandise was tastfully presented. There was such a contrast. At Federated Stores, I just wanted to get in and get out. At Marshall Fields, I wanted to spend more time and usually would spend more money. My wife is from Minnesota and has the same feeling. She was disappointed when Dayton's name was changed, but the fact that it became Marshall Fields made it more pallative. For Fields to become Bloomingdales or Macy*s....UGH! -Joe, Jacksonville FL

Marshall Field's is Chicago, just as the Cubs and Bears. For the past 50 years it has been my destination for shopping, eating, browsing and meeting friends. The feeling of being home again after moving away from the city was embraced when I entered Fields on State Street in 1990 and still feels good when I return for bi-yearly visits. Now I share the feeling with my grandaughter who has become a "Fieldie". No changes, please! -Lee, Mercer Island WA

Ever since i was an infant, my mom would take me into chicago with her every week. You could say I was raised in Field's. The staff there was always so friendly to us, which was a refreshing change from our hometown Whiting, Indiana. Whenever there was a problem, they were able to help us. For example, when I was four years old, I came into chicago in our car to see santa, and I had a stomach bug. I threw up in the car before Ii could get inside. Once we got up to the children's floor, the ladies gave me new tights and shoes. Later when I was eight or so, I came to Field's with my mom wearing a dress, and one of the straps broke. One very nice lady working there brought us a safety pin and helped me fix my dress. This store is a huge part of who I am. taking away the name would be the exact same thing as taking away the family name of all of the immigrants at Ellis Island. That may sound dramatic to you, but you're looking at a fifteen-year-old's story. I plan on taking my future children and hopefully my children's children to Field's and still calling it Field's when i'm in my eighties. If anyone from federated reads this, please understand that everyone on here isn't asking for much; we just want to keep Field's name. Field's is like my family name; you can't just take it away. It means so much to me personally. Lily, Dyer IN

Marshall Field's is... one of the few stores left that I feel is unique. Several years ago I was working for another retailer at River Oaks Center in Calumet City and would frequently eat at the Marshall Field's Cafe in the store there. There was a woman named Rose who had worked there for years and knew me well. I always felt special when I ate there, though I think everyone else felt this way too. Anyway, I told her it was my last day at my job in the mall and was moving to Arizona. She said good luck and pulled money out of her own pocket and paid for my lunch. I still have never had an experience close to this at any store. If the store were changed to Macy's, this memory would not be associated with the store and I would feel no connection to it. Plus, we have Macy's here in Arizona and there would be no reason to shop there when I am visiting Chicago. It is always on my list of places to go there. I also have memories of visiting the State Street store during the Holidays. I remember the displays, the cupcakes at the bakery. It was a speical place and made me feel a connection to the store. Dont change the name, in fact leverage the brand and make it more special. Do this right and you can put stores into new markets and be successful (you have fans all over the country). Do it wrong and let the specialty stores eat away your market share. The reason department stores have lost business is sameness. -Kurt, Tempe AZ

Marshall Field's is...the first store I go to for almost every thing I need from clothing to furniture. there is no other department store that has such great selection, quality and store atmosphere. I truly dislike Macy's and feel that it is on the level of Kohl's or Herberger's. Marshall Fields is comparable to Bloomingdale's but with better selection in every department. I would be so sad to see the oval room go away. -Lori, Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is...a great Chicago tradition... taking it away from Chicago makes no sense at all. I'm tired of huge corporations taking away from the character of places that so many of us have grown to know and love... Field's has so much history and memories behind it... that would just be a shame to see it fall to be another Macy's. JW, Mokena IL

Marshall Field's is... a tradition. In the early 1960's my Mom took all four of us downtown shopping at Christmas each year. The windows were beautiful.The employees were all friendly and helpful. I loved the look of the store and always thought it would be a nice place to work. As I grew up I looked forward to when Mom would say we were going downtown to shop. To me that meant a trip to Marshall Fields. I never got to work downtown but in 1978 I went to work at Fields in Orland Park. I looked forward to my summers away from college. It meant I was back in the Children's Department where I hoped I made some little child's day. I was happy when I could work shoes so I could interact with the children.It also meant dressing up each day and smiling. I still have my original Field's Card. It maybe worn but it is a part of history for me. I always refuse to get a new card when a salesperson suggests that I should replace mine. I wish the stores were still owned by the orginal owners. I hope Federated will listen to us and leave some fond memories for us. -Lorelei, Cerro Gordo, IL

Marshall Field's is...a place where I can shop and get quality service at a decent price. I love the variety and the service. Every year since my children have been born, the Holiday show at the Minneapolis Auditorium has been a must see, along with a visit to Santa after. I just can't bear to think of Macy's messing with that tradition. -Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is...special memories of frosty malts( served in pointy paper cups and metal cup holders) shared with my mother, Frango Mint ice cream pie for dessert in the Walnut Room, beautiful gifts in beautiful constructed boxes, the Field's toy catalog that made us drool, the prettiest coat I've ever owned: red wool with a fur collar and buttons, my first charge card, the magnificent State Street store. Marshall Field's is Chicago and is where Chicagoans shop. "Evvybody knows dat".(That's "Everybody knows that" for those of you New Yorkers who don't speak Chicagoese.) -Allegra, Chicago

Marshall Field's is my life - I grew up in Marshall Field's. Both of my parents (40 YRS), my Aunt(40 YRS), 3 brothers, my sister and I all worked a Field's. My parents were in Toys. That meant every Xmas, they were home late because "we had to make sure every boy and girl would wake up with presents, WE had to deliver them". They, in turn, would be up until 4AM getting our presents under our tree. But it was magical knowing that my parents were -in essence - Santa. I know he is real! I worked with Marshall Field's Santa for several years....making sure that each boy and girl received the best treatment possible from Santa and that their parents knew exactly where in the store they could get the presents. Marshall Field's represented the "ultimate in customer service". Marshall Field's meant Quality and Service. Personal Shoppers, Professional Service, and quality goods. Field's was the Standard to which every other department store strived to achieve. No one in Chicago has not heard of the "Clock" and met someone there! The windows, the feel - my children and grandchildren still love to go to Field's ..... probably hoping that somehow their "Grandma and Grandpa" are there waiting to give them the best day they ever had! Marshall Field's is the real Chicago. -Donna, AZ

Marshall Field's is...as Chicago as monopolistic politics. It is the essence of Chicago. It was the unkept promise of childhood to be taken downtown to see the Fields' windows at Christmastime. A promise unkept due to illness, bad weather, etc. I was an adult the first time I saw them. I still remember the magic. I still enjoy that feeling every Christmas. I vowed my children would see them - as children - and they did. I want my children to take their children to see the windows at MARSHALL FIELDS. Please don't take that name away from us. -Peg, Chicago

Marshall Field and Company IS Chicago. Sometimes we need to keep in touch with our past, and Marshall Field, the man, is a very important part of the history of Chicago. Things he did there are still very much felt and appreciated today. The least we can do is to continue to honor his name by keeping it on the great store he founded. Although I am not a Chicagoan, I consider it to be the greatest city in America, and I visit as often as I can. I have visited the big store on State Street all my life. My grandparents were born and died in Chicago. My grandpa worked at Marshall Field for a time, and so did my mom. I think my grandpa was personally aquainted with Mr. Shedd. Good luck in your efforts to keep that regal name. -Lee, Monroe MI

Marshall Field's is...Chicago. Like most guys, I hate to shop. But Field's on State Street is different. The history, the quality of the merchandise, the fact that you can shop for you, your wife, eat, and have a beer all in one store, is nothing short of amazing. And it's the only store we can take our 4-year old son to and he doesn't complain - he's mesmerized by the place. Field's is not like the May stores (i.e. L.S.Ayres) which are so packed you can't walk through them and are perpetually having sales. You can go into L.S. Ayres in Indiana and Foley's in Denver and not really tell the difference. But each Field's store is a little different. And with all the progress Field's has made luring customers back - especially State Street, Federated would be stupid to change the name and drive everyone away again - this time for good. JJ, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...family.A respected member of the community. Stability. Security. Marshall Field's is upscale. I love shopping there. It is orderly and clean. They have upscale brands while still offering some affordibility. I don't like Macy's. The brands aren't the same. It isn't as upscale. Every Macy's store that I have been is cluttered. Please save Dayton's/Marshall Field's for Minnesota. This community needs to know they will always be there for us. -Robbie, White Bear Lake MN

Marshall Field's is...TRADITION!!!Christmas with a favorite Aunt who took me to Marshall Field's in Minneapolis a 2 hr drive away. We would shop,look at the Christmas windows and best of all go to the 8th floor auditorium to see the Holiday Christmas Display which always had a theme. This tradition has been in my family for over 45 yrs and is one that I carried on with my 3 children and hope to cary on with my grandchildren. Don't mess with TRADITION!! -MB Mpls,MN

I am a senior citizen (past 70), and from the time I was a little girl, my mother took me shopping at Marshall Fields. In August, probably the hottest day, she would take me to pick out my new winter coat. Similarly, in March, she would take me to buy a spring coat. When the Field family sold the stores, I actually cried. They have done so much for the city of Chicago, and the thought of anyone else owning the stores was painful to me. Now, my husband and I are living just a block away from the State Street store. I walk in a few times a week, either to buy something, go to the food department downstairs, or just look around. What beautiful memories in such a beautiful store. Now, the new owners are considering a change to that great name. Please, please do not do this. That would be a travesty on all Chicagoans who revere this wonderful store. -Erna, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...Chicago! Having grown up in NYC and surrounding areas I have not been around Marshall Field's until my move to the Chicago area. However, I have come to recognize that Marshall Field's especially State Street is more than a department store, it is tradition. And as most people are aware there is a tradition called the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade . If there is nothing to a name than perhaps we should change it to the Gimbals Thanksgiving Day Parade ....I THINK NOT. W-Brookfield IL

After a 27 year absense, my family and I returned to Illinois and moved to Naperville. I was so thrilled to be able to share my childhood memories with my husband and 2 sons. I was saddened by the exit of Weiboldts and Goldblatts, but Field's was still here. Dayton Hudson tried to take away the green shopping bags, but Chicago protested and got them back. Frango left, but Field's lives on. As a little girl, I remember the special trips on the "L" to see the Christmas windows at Fields and then a special meal in the Walnut Room. I've continued to share that treat with my family and out-of-town friends every chance I get. What would it hurt to keep the tradition alive? I certainly believe that Chicagoans would have a lot more respect for May Co. (Federated) if they were to "leave well-enough alone". Please don't take that tradition from us. It's as much a part of our traditions as Wrigley Field, Michigan Ave., and the "Field" Museum. Marshall Field did a lot for this great city gentlemen and I think you need to realize that and continue to honor his great name. -Sue, Naperville IL

Marshall Field's is...the only place I shop. I have been going there for 30 years. The idea of shopping at Macy's and Bloomingdales curdles my stomach. No where else do you find a better mid-west mentality staff then at Marshall Fields. When it changed from Daytons to Fields I tried shopping at other places. It just did not work out. If you change the name of the Fields chain I will direct order all my clothes from the manufacturer going forward. -Kristofer, Apple Valley MN

Marshall Fields is our home and is the reason why I (LuLu) got 102% on the bigest project of the yr. in 6th grade. I DID THE HISTORY of MF and it turned out my assistant principal's parents had met at marshall fields. I learned the history of marshall fields and changing the name would ruin the whole legend. Now here's MA's story...ever since we were two we have gone to the premier lighting of the chrismas tree.And we love it there!!!!!!!!!! -LuLlu & MattyAnn, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...historical and sentimental in its name and what it represents to the current residents as well as those who have passed. My grandmother shopped here during the depression. My mother came from a family of immigrants. She had three brothers and a sister. My grandfather worked for $05 an hour. IT was hard to buy things for your children when you had to worry about the food on the table. But my grnadma knew my mom needed a good pair of shoes so she went to Marshall Fields and my mother was able to wear those shoes for a whole year. She never forgot her trip to Marshall Fields. She saw Danny Thomas singing on Randolph street in front of the Chicago Theater. I can only imagine what it must have been like.I remember my mother taking me to the ice cream parlor.I remember looking at the chocolate fudge sitting in the glass cup steaming..I couldn't wait to pour that over my ice cream . I had waited for a whole month to go there with my mom. I thought "This must be what heaven is like" I only wished that my son could have seen that parlor with the waitstaff wearing the wide brim hats..he would have thought we went to heaven too. Marshall Fields carries with it so many memories..family memories. Memories of times in our lives we would like to relive again. Taking away its name is like removing those memories and history for all of us who have experienced something magical in our trips to State Street. -M, Chicago

Marshall Field's is... I have shopped at Daytons, Marshall Fields for 50 yr. I want the name to remain and the merchandise to stay the same. Who needs many stores with exactly the same lines. Marshall Fields is a cut above the rest of the stores, I do not want to go in every store and see the same thing. -Maryellen, St Paul MN

Marshall Field's is...home. I am in the process of moving back to the Chicago area and one of the things I am looking forward to is being able to shop Field's. When I was a little girl, my grandmother was employed by Marshall Field's and working at the State Street store. She worked in stationery and the 'budget floor', as she used to call it. Every Friday after thanksgiving, My mother would take me downtown to see Grandma, do some early shopping, see the magnificent tree in the Walnut Room and have lunch with Grandma. We would get all dressed up and take the 'L'. I pretty much had the 'run' of the stationery counter. I would hide behind and underneath, drawing, coloring. Basicaly staying busy and out of Grandma's way while Mom did her shopping. All the other ladies in the department knew me as well. Why, I thought Grandma 'owned' Field's! Lunch was always very proper and I was awed each year by the beautiful Christmas Tree. A visit to Santa was also in order - after all, MY Grandma personally KNEW Santa!My apologies for this lengthy story, but I couldn't help it. I lovingly remeber it all as though it were yesterday - and it wasn't....more like 50 years ago! Thanks for the opportunity to tell you just what Field's means to me. - Judy, Ashland MA

Marshall Field's is...The day after Thanksgiving, for the past 60 years me nad my mother before me, went to stand in the cold up to two hours before the store opened to have breakfast under the tree in the Walnut Room. Every year, waiting for the elevator to open and let us see the tree for the first time that year. Going with my whole family, and family friends who did not understand what the big deal was, until they saw the tree for the first time. Realizing the beginning of Christmas and the holiday season was afoot. The memories of 30 years, with one never missed and the memories of my mother and her parents, long since passed, are wraped up in the dark wood of that room adn the name Marshall Fields. -Mark, Hickory Hills IL

Marshall Field's is...steps above a Macy's. I shop Macy's in CA and it doesn't come close to a MF store.Please keep a good thing.I never buy at the MegaMall store. Dolores, Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is...a fine store. I remember shopping at the flagship store in Chicago. It is now a mainstay in Ohio and Michigan and my mother just loves it. Too much change is difficult for some people, and so is greed. Why not leave well enough alone for once. -Tim, Toledo OH

Marshall Field's is a classy store that has real sales associates who know their products and actually help customers find what they need--not checkout clerks like the Macy's stores in Phoenix had. They actually had SHOPPING CARTS at one of the Phoenix Macy's stores when I was there a few months ago. If I wanted to shop at WalMart, I would go to WalMart! -Laura, Chicago

Marshall Field's is... An icon in the Upper Midwest and to me. I've shopped at Dayton's/Marshall Field's for over 35 years and my most prized credit card is my Marshall Field's card.I don't appreciate the fact that Mr. Terry Lundgren thinks he can even visit the idea of changing Marshall Field's to Macy's. If I wanted to shop at Macy's , I would do so, but I prefer shopping at smaller shopping mall's and not the Mall of America. Mr. Lundgren, I haven't received a survey in regards to the name change. I will be awaiting my survey Mr. Lundgren. Please leave the Marshall Field's name intact. -Leann, Norwood, MN

My mother ran the Tea Room for Daytons in the 40s. When Dayton's changed their name to Marshall Fields, I thought I would never shop there again. I equated it to the store Marshall's which in my mind is a low end discount store. I have adjusted to name Marshall Fields and now the possibilty of changing the name to Macy's appalls me. Macy's will never be a Dayton's or Marshall Field's and I hope they will re look at the name change. -Kathe, Minneapolis MN

As a child I remember taking the train to Chicago to see Marshall Field's Tree and WIndows. As an adult I still look forward to those times along with other special shopping trips to the City at Fields. My in-laws live in the East and I can go to Macy's to shop. But if I were to have a Macy's in NY, Chicago, etc. what incentive do I have to go to any of them - they will become an upscale Wal-Mart. I realize you feel having Macy's nationwide is a triumph to you, but it looses it's individuality. I enjoy going to NY to go to Macy's, and Chicago to Fields (they may carry the same merchandise but it seems special because of it's uniqueness to the major city and area). Even going to Fields in the suburbs (which I do often would not be the same if it were Macy's) Macy's is a great store (in New York) but it is not suitable for Chicago. Chicagoans are very loyal to their city and I feel you will be doing a disservice to both yourselfs and the city and Fields if you were to change the name and I know that you will loose patronage. Tourists come to Chicago and WANT to go to Fields, NOT Macy's. If you want to keep your business profits increasing and loyalty to your stores you won't change the name. -Patricia, Highland Park IL

Marshall Field's is...the new "Dayton's". I believe another name change is a bad idea in Minnesota.Daytons was Daytons my entire life. A change to Marshall Fields now a new name is being considered? Bad idea.I can only hope if it changes to Macy's that the merchandise is not such as the Mall of America.Macy's was a nice store when they first entered this market. Now it's nothing but junk. How disappointing.Don't do this to the Downtown store or we will all be forced back to Chicago to shop!! -Lynn, Minneapolis

Marshall Field's is...a historic site and should stay Marshall Field's My husband, Peter, worked there for over 30 years. I worked there for almost 10 years. There was a special pride in being an employee of Fields. "Give the lady what she wants" was the moto and everyone tried to do just that! Not just Chicago, but the whole country will suffer the loss of the Marshall Field name. Many make the trip at Christmas to see Field's windows and have lunch under the Christmas tree in the Walnut Room. What would Chicago be like with out Marshall Field? What would New York be without Macy's. -Doris, Crown Point IN

Being raised in a single-parent household meant often sacrificing some of the luxuries others took for granted. But if there was one thing my mother made sure of, it was that I'd know how to dine with good manners in public. Our annual trip to the Walnut Room for lunch and to see the Christmas tree was part of that lesson, and literally anticipated all year! I have years of memories of Marshall Field's State Street store at the holidays. To change its name is to continue our country's long, ugly march to homogenization in this country. How long before every store is a "Something-Mart"? -Alexis, Chicago

Marshall Field's is... incredible. I don't think I can put the store into words. I went to the State Street store numerous times when I was in Chicago in 2003 and the entire experience was astounding. The employees helped me locate a specific section of the store, took me there, and introduced me to the salespeople in that department, despite that my purchase was only about $10! I've never had better service anywhere else. The Frango mints are to die for, I've got to order some before it's too late. We've had Macy's here in the Boston area since 1996, and it's not great at all. It's just like any other department store; they have things to buy, but there is no flair or essence. Before 1996, Macy's was Jordan Marsh, which was basically Boston's Marshall Field's. Rather than Frango's, Jordan's had Blueberry Muffins that were beyond explanation. Jordan Marsh WAS Boston, just as Marshall Field's IS Chicago. People were sad when Jordan Marsh went away, we were some of the first to get the non-New York Macy's, some were excited as well. If Jordan Marsh were to be slaughtered by Federated right now for Macy's, I think I'd be posting this on keepitjordans.org. Boston is losing May-owned Filene's now, and there's now way to get it back; Federated has already decided. Even worse, because there are already Macy's stores here, so New England malls will be littered with vacant Filene's anchor stores for no reason at all. But Filene's was like Carson's in Chicago, it's local in history but does not thrive off of it's heritage. Marshall Field's does, just as Jordan Marsh did. It's far to late to save any of the other department stores lost in the last 10 years, but there's still a chance of saving Marshall Field's. It's really the last American department store, Macy's could be placed anywhere as it has no flavor at all. Federated likes to say that Macy's represents style and New York City, and that's why they want to put it everywhere. Believe me, I've been to many Macy's stores and there is no essence of New York City in the stores at all. But as others in news stories have said, why should the stores be brash like New York City rather than providing the Midwestern comfort and friendlyness that makes Marshall Field's, and Chicago, far superior? -Justin, Framingham MA

Marshall Field's is... Like so many others here in Chicago, Marshall Fields is bound up in the fabric of my life since I was a toddler (I"m now 71). And it was bound up in my mother's, my grandmother's, my aunt's, my mother-in-law's, her grandmother's and her great grandmothers. We all had our favorite Marshall Field's story to tell. When I was 3 they let me parade up and down on the model's runway in the Narcissus Room. When my daughter was 3 I lost her among the clothes racks in the 28 room. A wonderful saleslady found her for me. There are many stories........We all know that Marshall Fields is different now. Chicago is different now. Marketing is very different now. But when the name of a family is so closely bound up with the history, both of Chicago and Chicagoans, for the name to change to Macy's or anything else for that matter, would be heart breaking to many of us. It's ok to call any story Macy's. Just not that beautiful building with the landmark clocks on the corner of State and Randolph where so many of us met over the years. -Sondra, Chicago

In this changing uncertain world some things need to stay the same. Keeping the Marshall Fields name provides a sense of holding on to traditions and ways of life that are worth holding on to for generations. -Marianne, Prior Lake MN

I teach a visual communications seminar at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and in order to study what successful branding is we pick Marshall Field's as an example, read its history and other related texts, and the students also do interviews with customers. One design graduate student, Jason, got a great interview. The customer, a guy who'd grown up in Chicago told Jason that when he was a kid he knew that all the department stores had Santa Clauses, BUT the REAL Santa Claus was at Marshall Field's! -Maud, Chicago

Marshall Field's is.. a magical place of tradition filled with wonderful memories of bringing my children to see the animated, story-telling windows at Christmastime, treating them to lunch under the Great Tree in the Walnut Room and then on to visit Cozy Cloud Cottage. Marshall Field's is an historical icon and is to Chicago what Macy's is to New York. I have been a credit card holder of Field's since 1964 and will cease to be such if the name is changed to Macy's or anything else.. Marshall Field's is definitely the premier department store of Chicago and the Midwest. Federated please do the right thing and leave the name alone. -Robert, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...INTEGRITY. As a child, I learned that if ever disatisfied with a purchase from Field's, it could always be returned-no matter how many years after purchase. Also when a child on Chicago's North Shore, my mother had M. Field's truck deliver several large cartons of toilet paper at a time. A game involved throwing it upstairs (for storage) faster than a friend could throw it back down! Late family friend, Kay Field Fanning's ghost will haunt Federated if you change it and no doubt her children Barb + Ted will be as displeased as I will be. Field's exemplifies one of the Nation's finest retailers (even though its current reality has no relationship to what made it so great). It simply needs polishing, not a downgrade to Macy's! -Stephen, New York, NY

Marshall Field's is...a wonderful childhood memory of great times with my mom! I grew up in Peoria, IL in a large family. About once a year, mom and I would have great "girl time" together, just the two of us, and it always involved a visit to Marshall Field's. We would take the train to Chicago, see a show and then shop at Marshall Field's State Street, making sure to pick up some Frango Mints and cookies, along with our other purchases. We always took the last train back to Peoria and I went to bed late and with aching feet, but slipped off to sleep dreaming of my very special day with Mom at Marshall Field's. In California, we are surrounded by Macy's, so every trip home is a special chance to visit Marshall Field's State Street once again. I hope to make special memories there with my daughter, when she's old enough, one day soon. -Mary, Napa CA

My grandmother shopped at Marshall fields. My mother shopped at Marshall Fields. I shop at Marshall Fields. My daughter shops at Marshall Fields. And I am looking forward to taking my granddaughters for breakfast under the magnificant tree, to view the Christmas windows, for bunny breakfasts, and to buy that special gift. If the name changes, I will never set foot in the store again. -Ann, Aurora IL

Marshall Field's is...a tradition. I go to Marshall Fields when I need something really nice & special. To change the name would lose something and I don't think that is what the company wants to happen. Marshall Fields has a following now as always and I hope it remains. -Lynn, Waukesha WI

Marshall Field's is...As the phrase goes from Marshall Field himself, "Give the Lady what she wants." Or, in this case give Chicagoians what they want--The Marshall Field & Company Nameplate to remain on the corner of State and Washington under the Great "Field's" Clock. -Timothy, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...my life's history!!
I'm a Marshall Field's Brat! Mother, Father, and Aunt were all with Field's for well over 25* years each...older sister & one brother all worked there part time.
Field's is part of Chicago's history...where I grew up and lived until I was in my 40's. We need to "KEEP IT FIELD"S! -Debi, AZ

Marshall Field's is...the Midwest....one word says it all Field's let's keep it in the Midwest. We don't need Rowland Hussey Macy in any of our towns. Besides the real Santa works at Field's....Macy's fired Santa in Miracle on 34th Street....that would happen on State. Let have our own Miracle on State Street and keep the Marshall Field's name. -Kevin, Chicago

Marshall Field's is... so many memories for me. It's where I'd go to see Santa every year and the amazing Christmas and flower displays. It's where I'd get that one special outfit for back to school. It's where I bought my homecoming and prom dresses. It's where I worked in high school. It was my first credit card. It was my first real job out of college. It's where I eat lunch everyday (they have the best rice crispy bars anywhere!). Marshall Field's has always been a big part of my life that Macy's could never be. -Jen, St Paul MN

As a dedicated Fields shopper and EVP of an ad agency, based in Chicago- I will tell you that the Marshall Fields name has a very committed brand value in the marketplace. Chicagoans love the history of the city and its related businesses. It is unlike many cities. I enjoy shopping @ Fields, beacuse of the history in Chicago and in my personal life. Since I was 5 (I am now 38), we would go to dine inthe Walnut Room at Fields. We would meet "under the clock" at State & Randolph. I will NOT eat at the Walnut Room @ Macy's, I will not buy Frangos @ Macy's and most importantly, I will NOT shop @ Macy's. Nordstrom will be my alternative. Another brand in Chicago, Carson Pirie Scoot could be changed in a moment's notice without much of a whimper. Fields is a diffferent story. -David, Chicago


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