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The following are some of the hundreds of stories we've received via e-mail from people who love Marshall Field's. More stories can be found by navigating the menu to left. Please note that, due to the extremely large number of entries, only a selected number of stories have been posted on the site.

I am a heart transplant recipient. I received my new heart 2 1/2 years ago. I was sure I would not live to receive a new heart and in the summer of 2002 I began to give my personal items away including donating most of my cloths to Good Will. On September 21, 2002 I received my new heart. While I was recovering in intensive care and before I was brought out of my drug induced sleep my wife went to Marshall Field's and bought me some new clothes to come home from the hospital in. When I awoke on September 23 the first thing I saw were Marshall field's bags. Before I focused on my wife and kids I saw those bags. That is how I began my new life. Taking away the Marshall Field's name would be most traumatic to me. Every time I see one of those beautiful bags I remember just how lucky I am to be here enjoying life. Please leave us the Marshall Field's name and brand. Please -Robert, Lake Bluff, IL

Marshall Field's is... a cornerstone of Chicago heritage. Having it stripped from under our feet would be a downright disgrace for what the city of Chicago and its people stand for. It would be sad not to be able to pass down its legacy to my sons, especially my youngest, Spencer Field. His middle name was the maiden name of his great-great grandmother, who was a cousin of Marshall Field. -Ken, Zach, and Spencer, Chicago IL

Before we moved to Arizona, it was a shelter! After a day of shopping at the Oak Brook, IL location, we walked outside of the Marshall Fields front entrance. As we looked overhead, we found the sky had turned pea green, and those familiar sirens were trumpeting. The Marshall Fields employees ushered us back into the store, and down into the basement. Shortly after, the power went out. Yes, the potential for shoplifting was there, but the employees recognition for the well being of it's customers took precedence. The storm passed, the power returned, and we were all safe to return home. It was the hospitality of the Marshall Fields corporation that day that kept us as faithful customers until our move. We've been awaiting the day when Field's would put the store online, when we could patronize them once again. That day has arrived and we are grateful. The name Marshall Fields imparts a sense of integrity as well as nostalgia. Why rob the people of the midwest of their memories? Reconsider this choice. -Amanda, Phoenix AZ

Marshall Field's is...memories of my mother. My mother and Marshall Field's were almost one.
It was her favorite store and source of fun...going downtown to shop at State Street Marshall Field's....all day long on a Saturday. Three days after her fatal heart attack, a new purchase arrived at her house from Field's, I thought to myself, what a way for my mother to leave this earth with a final purchase from Marshall Field's on its way. -Anita, Glenview IL

Marshall Field's is...simply the best. Marshall Field's is Chicago. No other store can compare. It's heritage as the best in the Midwest, the arbiter of style, and the epitome of good taste stands the test of time. No other store, not Macy's, Bloomingdales's, or even Nordstrom can match it's rich legacy and history of being on the cutting edge. Should Federated make the disastrous decision of changing this great Institution's name, I will never spend money in any of their stores. -James, Rochester NY

Marshall Field's is... an icon of community and commerce. -Heather, Minneapolis MN

I learned of your website from a Google alert today that linked to the Chicago Sun Times article. The site is terrific ...right down to the Field's green and the graphics. Very impressive! Even more impressive, though, is the fact that you are a young person who cares about history and community. I grew up visiting both State Street Field's and Hudson's in Detroit.....and later worked for Hudson's for a decade. My travels have taken me to many cities, and I can unequivocally state that there are not many stores like Field's that are synonymous with the communities in which they are located. Hudson/s/Field's/Dayton's have literally defined the communities in which they have stores through countless charitable events and spectacles such as fireworks, parades and extravaganzas. To say nothing about holiday traditions, depth of stock, retail pizzazz, and great restaurant menus! Again, congratulations on this site and for having the tenacity to pull something like this together! -Michael, Detroit

Marshall Field's is ...a Chicago landmark and historical family name that helped build the economy of Chicago. The term, "give the lady what she wants" is a well known phrase in customer service theory all stemming from Fields. Let's keep Fields part of the recognized history of Chicago. Macy's has its flagship store in New York City and is part of the history of NYC. We honor their history - let's honor Chicago history and the impact of the Fields' family. -Maria, Chicago

Marshall Field's is ...a part of my life. The name Marshall Fields has always meant the best. When I was growing up and even to this day if you unwrap a present and the box says Marshal Field's you know you're in for something great! The Christmas windows, the clock and most of all the history are a very important part of the fabric of life in Chicago and it's suburbs. Please, please, please don't change it! -Kathy, Glen Ellyn, IL

Marshall Field's is...part of the fabric of my life. Sitting on Santa's knee at Christmas from my earliest childhood memories. Choosing toys in the State Street Store. The decorated windows. My very first credit card ever. Meeting people under the famous clock. Frango mints (even if they aren't made here anymore). Standing in line to buy way too many 1/2 price ornaments and Christmas decorations the day after Christmas. Just recently using my Field's reward card for a mini shopping spree. If it changes, I won't be back. In fact, I'll also cancel my Bloomingdale's card. -Kari, Wheaton IL

Marshall Field's is...one of the few regional department stores left with a true identity. Sadly, May Company bought out Foley's (based here in Houston) in the late 80's and proceeded to transform it to a cookie cutter of its other stores. It lost its long time personality and relationship with the community. Foley's always sponsored our Thanksgiving Day parade among MANY charitable events. It is now rumored it will become Macy's as well. I find it sad that all of our regional identities are being eliminated for the sake of "globalization" and the almighty dollar. I remember visiting our cousins in California and shopping at I.Magnin, Bullocks/Bullocks Wilshire, The Broadway, Harris', Emporium etc (all of which have vanished and become Macy's or sold off/closed). Houston lost Sakowitz, Joske's, Craig's, Walter Pye's, Everitt-Buelow, Battelstein's, Frost Bros. and many more. The purging is not limited to department stores. Banks and restaurants are facing the same fate. Keep your fight to keep Marshall Fields! -Richard, Houston TX

I have been a Marshall Field's Rewards customer for many, many years, and live in downtown Chicago so often walk to the Field's store to shop--even just for a lovely lunch on occasion (which usually turns into some shopping, as well!) My Field's card was the first charge card I ever applied for when I moved to Chicago 32 years ago; the very first charge card I EVER had when I first graduated from college and began teaching in a suburb of Detroit was Hudson's, which is now Marshall Field's. The Field's card is only single-store card I have used for the past 10 or 15 years. The Field's staff are the best in the world! Some of the same people have been at the Loop store since I began shopping there years ago---they remember my name, go out of their way to help: service, service, service! In recent years we have spent winters in Arizona and I have become acquainted with Macy's. I rarely shop there because: the music is extremely annoying and inappropriate for the departments in which I shop; they keep announcing numbers over the public address system---like a Bingo game! and they use that coupon business in every newpaper that Marshall Field's has already adopted---why should I cut out coupons and bring them in to receive a discount? why shouldn't every shopper get any discount offered...except, that is, the Rewards Day, which psychologically allows us all to splurge on regular priced merchandise because we know that our reward will come!!! I love Field's - like I used to love Hudson's when I grew up . . . grew up with visits to Santa the day after Thanksgiving every year . . . grew up with month-end sales, when I watched in horror as my usually docile Mother behaved in a most unladylike manner! . . . grew up knowing that if I purchased any item that wasn't just right, the store would take it back, no questions asked insuring customer satisfaction. While I LOVE living in Scottsdale and we bought a beautiful home there--I missed Field's so much. Macy's, Dillard's, Robinson May all seem to have the same "stuff" - nothing innovative, not much that is really special. Our Chicago home is filled with Field's---our etagere, leather recliner, dining room chairs, coffee table, lamp, side table, some art work, Waterford vase ...I look around and am surrounded by Field's. Furnishing our large Scottsdale home was very difficult, eg. to find a comfy Barcolounger like the one back home, we had to use the internet to locate a rather obscure but wonderful furniture store in a far suburb of Phoenix...the nearest place to carry the really quality product my husband demanded! I worry about the monotonous sameness that may set into the Field's I love---and really don't understand why the Field's concept isn't widened. On a recent mid-day, I noticed that the Field's flagship store was FULL of "tourists" - words in many languages floated through the air, convention name tags were apparent, lots of groups of shoppers. There wouldn't be anything special about another Macy's in its place. So please keep our Field's in place! -Ellen, Chicago IL/Scottsdale AZ

Marshall Field's is... something that identifies a city and it's people. I am from "the South," where Macy's has gobbled up Rich's (a Southern Institution ...as they always said) and Davidson's. Both were stores that defined Atlanta for over 100 years. We just recently lost Rich's and it is about a lot more than changing the signs on a building. It is about loosing traditions, memories and something to call your own. I've been to Field's a few times and am very concerned of what will happen to that great name ...Macy's will never replace the mystique of that name. Todd, Anderson SC

Thank you for building this website. I, too, feel a strong emotional attachment to Field's. I worked there in college (my first job) and work there now. I remember the old days of Field's and that's what I and my co-workers try to offer to our guests ...personal and caring attention. I don't see those qualities in other places I shop. So kudos to you for your efforts in maintaining a tradition. I've done my part by circulating your website through my address book. -Meg

Marshall Field's is... where I started my career in retail and is the place I sought out as an employer when I was looking for work ten years ago. I wasn't from Chicago originally, but I had heard about Marshall Field's from a friend's mother who had moved to my town in rural Missouri in the '80s. She described a palace on State Street in Chicago where anything you could ever want was available. In fact, she missed it so much she regularly schedule trips to Chicago just to shop and dine at Field's. So when I moved to the city several years later, Field's was my first choice because of the legend she'd described to me. I worked at the State Street store and had a full sense of responsibility to live up to the legend, and I had a great career with Field's. The Field's customer is rare in today's broad retail landscape: the passion with which they believe in the brand and the intent they have to keep the legacy alive is unheard of in other department stores. While I moved on to another retail organization a few years ago, I will always treasure my opportunities and experiences at Field's. -Steve, Jersey City NJ

Marshall Field's is...the first charge I ever had. I got it in 1964 and have had it ever since. When I was little, my father worked part-time in the packing department at the State Street store. Every pay day Mom and I took the Lake Street El down to meet dad and his pay check. Those were the days that you got "Dressed up" to go into the "loop" - Elizabeth, Darien IL

Marshall Field's is...not just a name, but a feeling, an old friend, a close friend, an identity, a city -Craig, Washington DC

Marshall Field's is ...Chicago! From the time I was a little girl (and believe me, THAT was a long time ago!) when my grandmother would take to lunch in the Walnut Room or to see the "big tree" at Christmastime I was hooked. When I become an adult and got my first job in the city, I was thrilled to be able to go to Field's EVERY DAY! (Actually, I STILL work in the City and I still go at least once a week. Marshall Field's has always been synonymous with Chicago ...anytime you have a guest from out of town, they ALWAYS want to see State Street's Marshall Field's store. It CAN'T become Macy's...that would be criminal! They would lose me as a customer for sure, after all Nordstrom's is a closer walk for me! -Christine, Highland Park IL

I have never been to Field's but I heartily applaud your efforts. About nine years ago, Federated put the Macy's name on Boston's beloved department store Jordan Marsh Co. and things have never been the same. Many "Jordan's" traditions have gone away such as their famous blueberry muffins and the Christmas time Enchanted Village closed. The old flagship store in downtown Boston is just a fraction of what it used to be. We really have lost something in terms of our identity and tradition here and I long for the old, glorious days of Jordan Marsh. - John, Boston MA

Marshall Field's is... where you meet friends under the clock, wait in line for hours to have Christmas brunch under the tree... -Emmett, New York NY

Marshall Field's is ...Chicago to me.

I grew up going to Marshall Field's every Christmas to see the windows. Its one of those traditions that I hold dear to me. I also have a personal tie to Fields...my grandmother worked there for 22 years at the State Street store in Bridal Registry and in Personnel. I myself worked there the Christmas Season of 2001...Keep the name Marshall Fields ...we've already lost a number of Chicago institutions...why not do what Target did a few years ago and change some of the Macy's to Marshall Field's? Bet there would be more name recognition there! -Mike, Chicago IL

Marshall Field's is ...Chicago! Everyone knows Field's State Street. I have been coming to Chicago to shop since I was a little girl growing up in Detroit - we always had to go to Fields. It's an institution of such long standing - part of the community. It has permeated every aspect of our shopping lives in the midwest. I'll tell you, in Detroit, it was hard to let go of Hudson's (when it became Field's), but the stores were similar enough and enough Detroiters shopped in Chicago that it worked. However, I have lived all over the country, including California and New York where Macy's has always been the name - Macy's stores are no where near as classy as Field's - Macy's would be a degradation to the stores we know and love. Now, I'm all for Macy's improving overall, but not at the sacrifice of an institution like Field's. - Evelyn, Chicago IL

Marshall Field's is part of the best memories of my childhood. I was raised in central Indiana, and once a year, shortly before Thanksgiving, my mother and I would make a "girl's trip" to Chicago for shopping. Everything about Marshall Field's was magical to me - the decorations, the sales assistants, the wonderful inventory. 50 years later I clearly remember the intoxicating scents from the perfume aisle, the wonderful window displays, the awe I felt at the architecture. I would never have dreamed of acting up -- they might have asked me to leave! Now I subconsciously judge the quality of any store against this yardstick, and none have yet measured up. Please honor this retail legend by allowing it to keep it's own name. -Nita, Forth Worth TX

Marshall Field's is ...a childhood memory. My grandmother would take me to the Walnut room for lunch at Christmas time to sit around the Christmas tree. She bought me a new outfit every year from Fields and bought me a Barbie when they first came out from Fields. I took my daughters (and still do)for lunch at the Walnut Room at Christmas and now I am taking my granddaughters to the Walnut Room. Marshall Fields is a part of my family's life. - Cris, Glenview IL

The first department store my mother worked at, at the beginning of her career in retail personnel. She said she left for more lucrative employment elsewhere since part of her pay at Field's was the prestige associated with the store. However, she has remained a faithful Field's customer in the intervening 70 years since then. For me, Field's was my first great department store. I remember my first visit, one year when my mom, my brother and I took the train from Green Bay to Chicago on our way to visit relatives in east-central Illinois. We had to change from the Chicago Northwestern station to the Illinois Central station and stopped at Field's on the way. We had lunch in the Walnut Room, and among my purchases were several dresses for my Barbie doll. I will never forget how elegantly the sales clerk treated me as a customer and how carefully she wrapped my things in dark green paper and attached a green-and-yellow carrying handle to it. I don't remember much else about the trip, except for that trip to Field's. Field's also was my first department-store credit card. I still have my original plate somewhere; it was the old card size, smaller than the current standard card size and fit better in my wallet. -Janet, Green Bay WI

Marshall Field's is ...Where my family has shopped since 1962. If the name changes, We will not frequent the store any more. The Fields name is important to the city. It is like Harrods is to London. The brand name is known globally. This is Chicago, not New York City. Keep it Fields or we are gone. We will also tell as many friends to join us. -Ted, Chicago IL

Marshall Field's is... more than just a name it's a brand that means alot to customers through out this country. As a little boy growing up in Alabama I had a uncle who lived in Chicago who would visit us about once a year and bring us gifts from Marshall Fields . My first trip to Chicago some 30 years ago would not been complete if I had not visited Marshall Fields the store my uncle branded in my mind as the department store of department stores. If you change the name you have undone a brand that took years to build with much success, I wonder if Coke as ever thought of changing it's name brand to Southern Soda. - Bill, Tuscaloosa AL

Marshall Field's is ...a great store with a great feel and wonderful brands. When i'm in NYC or any other city with a Macy's i don't even think about shopping there. Every Macy's I've ever been in is a pit! The people who are suppose to be there to help you, don't! If Marshall Field's changes to Macy's don't expect me to shop there.One of the neat things about Field's is that you always know the name of the person helping you and how long they've been working there. That's cool! -PJ, Chicago

Marshall Field's is the magical place my mom, aunt, grandmother, cousins and I took the train to on the Friday after Thanksgiving until I moved from Western Springs when I was seven. When I returned decades later, the image and fragrance were the same as I remembered. My childhood memories continued as I savored Frango Mints for days after my visit. -Nikki, Cleveland OH

Marshall Field's is...the place I went to buy my clothes for college, where my parents took me at Christmas, where my sons saw Santa for the first time and where they dined under the tree and now where I take my grandchildren. It's the place I can always count on to give me value, to have what I need and to go out of the way to make sure I'm satisfied with my purchases and its service. The Field's name and its stores have always been special to Chicago and its residents. -Andrea, IL

Marshall Field's State Street is a constant memory throughout my entire life. My grandmother worked at Marshall Fields for many many years, along with one of her best friends. To this day I have vivid memories of going downtown as a little girl to visit with my grandmother and her friend. To dress up, and have lunch in the Walnut room felt so special. I saw my first Santa Claus at Marshall Fields and remember waiting in line with my grandmother for that as well. Every Christmas we would come downtown as a family and visit the beautiful windows with Uncle Mistletoe. I remember so many trips there with her, that store and that name are tightly woven into my memories of her and the times we spent together as I grew up. I am so proud to show out of town, out of country guests Marshall Fields. To show them the clock, and the gorgeous iron staircases hidden on the floors, and the Tiffany Ceiling and the Walnut room. Most people, including those from foreign places already 'know' about Marshall Fields and include it on their must see list. Every Christmas and birthday celebrations we also send dozens of Frango mint boxes to relatives and friends around the country. I am so lucky to work close by to Fields and often just wander about the floors at lunch or after work. There still is, and always has been something magical about being inside Marshall Fields, to think of all the people in the past walking through the same doors and finding special treasures, both objects and memories, within those walls. Marshall Field's is historic, it is Chicago history and should be remembered and treated respectfully for generations to come. It is truly a Chicago touchstone, changing the name would be devastating and a tragic mistake. Imagine all of the stories and treasured memories that have evolved around this one very special store. Today we can not develop those sorts of feelings around the 'super' department stores of today. -Michelle, Wheaton IL

Marshall Field's is ...storybook windows during the holiday season shared by generations of Chicagoans. Dining under the tree during the hustle and bustle of the holidays with family and friends. A part of our persona as Chicagoans. Our historical legacy, a landmark, and a great place to indulge in shopping splendor all year round. -Joan, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...
A store I grew up with in the Milwaukee area. The Mayfair store was only a couple of miles from my house, and my mother loved to shop there. A special day out included having lunch at Marshall Field's. And I ALWAYS shopped there for very special Christmas ornaments. So when I got a job at Marshall Field's, in the State Street store, it was amazing. The building itself is incredible; the size, the Tiffany ceiling, the clocks on the corners, the Walnut Room, the windows on State Street, the special visitors - Prince Charles, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, and on and on. The Marshall Field's name has always been associated with class, and has been a very integral part of Chicago. I met my husband there, so it has an extra special place in my heart. And I love the green stripes, the "Marshall Field's" script, the Rockwell painting. My brother even found me an old ceramic jar (I think it may have been a cigar humidor) of the Marshall Field's clock in an antique store. It has just been a part of my life ever since I can remember; a part the represented good taste, high style, and very special. - Susan, Minneapolis MN

Marshall Field's is... Christmas time to my daughter and me. We love to look at the fancy hats, scarves and purses on the first floor. I meet my best friend in the lower level for lunch, where we've poured our hearts out to one another. It means Frango's for EVERYONE on my gift list. It means Chicago because Marshall Field's built it over 100 years ago--he gave us the Field Museum, an awesome place. -Heidi, Chicago

Marshall Field's is ...AWESOME!! I just want to remind everyone that Marshall Field's has also been in several motion pictures. Macy s has Miracle on 42nd Street, this is huge, but think of all the movies filmed in Chicago...an equally popular and much funnier movie... Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase features Marshall Field s. Or a more recent movie, Surviving Christmas, with Ben Affleck, one can t help but notice the almighty Marshall Field's State Street clock. I feel that Marshall Field s has as big of a name as Macy s and if Federated would scrap the Marshall Field s name for Macy s, there are going to be a lot of (ticked) off people including Oprah. Just remember, Federated, you probably do not want to get on Oprah's bad side...just a hunch. -Brent, Minneapolis MN

Even though I live in Dallas whenever I get to Chicago I always try to get to your Loop store. I promise that if the name is changed I won't stop in anymore. We have Macy's stores here in Dallas. Marshall Field's would lose part of it uniqueness to me if it became another Macy's store. I can shop at Macy's here. -Warren, Dallas

Marshall Field's name recalls memories of childhood and special outings to have lunch, view the Christmas tree, and buy candy from the tremendous selection in the candy department. The Christmas display windows were always a source of delight to me and then to my children.
Even though job transfers moved us from Chicago, we still shop at Fields when in town and through catalogs and e-mail. Marshall Fields is synonymous with historical and contemporary Chicago. Please keep the name. -Romelle, Charlotte NC

Marshall Field's is...my natural habitat. It was bad enough when they changed "Dayton's: to "Marshall Field's", but this is really too much! Can't we have any regional pride? I don't want everything to be the same. Macy's merchandise is not as nice as Marshall Field's. If I wanted to shop at Macy's, I could go to the Megamall. I want to be able to shop where I work (downtown) at a historical store that is not just like every mall store in the world. Marshall Field's is a special place that makes it a destination in itself. Please don't just turn Field's into a Macy's and make us like everyone else...we need a special place of our own in the Midwest! -Gail, Minneapolis MN

Marshall Field's on State Street is the place where I met the love of my life, Ozzie Arroyo, by chance in 2003. Even on our first date we "met under the clock." At the end of this year, we are getting married. Marshall Field's means EVERYTHING to us and we would both be completely devastated if the store's name were to change. We don't want to tell our kids that we met at Macy's... -Courtney, Chicago IL

Marshall Field's is...quality, dignity, selection, and tradition. I lived in Northern California for 22 years, where Macys is really the only real choice you have there, and beleive me, it stinks. Messy stores, indifferent employees, and junky private label lines with outrageous prices, that are always 'on sale'. Federated, keep your trash ways on the coasts. -Richard, Arlington Heights IL

Marshall Field's is...Chicago. It's the Christmas windows. As a child growing up in Evanston Fields was the place to shop. The store made you feel special. When I go home I shop at the Old Orchard store. The place gives me a feeling of being home. I wish we had a Marshall Field's store here in New Mexico. My mom is in a nursing home here. She gets boxes of Frango Mints, and it rekindles fond memories of Marshall Fields's for her. Is progress changing a name or is progress capitalizing on the name and making it even better? -Julie, NM

Marshall Field's is Chicago. There are symbols and icons that make up a city. Fields is part of the foundation of our history as one of this country's proudest and most beautiful cities. New management does not understand that replacing the Fields name would be like changing the name of the city of Chicago. It is about identity and pride. It would be a devastating mistake to touch that.
Why don't they change Lord & Taylor's to Macy???? -Elynne, Chicago

Marshall Field's is Chicago--Macy's is New York. Mr. Lundgren claims he has been polling Field's customers about the name change and there hasn't been much resistance--funny, I haven't been polled. Nor has anyone else I know who are Field's customers and/or account holders. Macy's means nothing to me--it's an old movie and a New York parade. This is Chicago and Field's is our icon--and as an account holder of over 20 years, I will close my account if Lundgren slaps a Macy's logo over our stores. His assumption that it doesn't matter to us is really arrogant--does he really think that the Midwest is just some big amorphous land tract panting for his New York name brand? Please. -Cheri, Chiacgo

Marshall Field's is the Christmastime of my youth. My parents used to take me down to eat at the Walnut Room and see the animated window displays, and now I'm taking my own kids. At least until the name changes to Macy's. If I wanted to go to New York, I would. I want a CHICAGO experience, not some imported New York corporate think. There's a city full of alternatives for the Chicagophile. -Burt, Chicago

Marshall Field's is ...spectacular. I visited Chicago for the first time in 2003 for a conference by myself but the one thing everyone told me to do is visit Marshall Field's while I was there. It's a landmark with history and you can't leave Chicago without visiting it. That was what everyone told me and were they right. I've shopped in many department stores in my life but Marshall Fields truly stands on its own. My favorite part was being on the top floor looking into the restaurant and seeing the Swarovski crystal display. It took my breath away. When I return to Chicago I would very much like to have that memory intact along with the name of the place. -Margaret, San Leandro CA

Marshall Field's is...memories, my childhood in chicago, my grandmothers childhood. Our families history with the city, christmas with aunt holly and uncle mistletoe. I used to work in the Commercial Real Estate sector, specifically SHOPPING CENTERS. Very few are left who truly understand the word TRADITIONS. They mean so much to millions of people. Today's marketplace is throw away and replaceable. You can not replace Marshall Field's in the midwest any more than you could replace Macy's in NYC or Hecht's in D.C. Federated, HERE YOUR CUSTOMERS CRY FOR HELP AND DELIVER THE CUSTOMER SERVICE TO THEM YOU REPEATED SAY YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO DO!!!!!!!! Keep Marshall Fields the icon it is.....Macy's deserves its rightful place, and so does MARSHALL FIELDS...Hechts too!!! Power in numbers says it all but the power of reputation, well then, means repeat family business. Federated, time for you to find your family values and not just dollar signs. Respect is something earned....you should try it sometime. -Lynn, Coconut Creek FL

As an urban planner, I know how important it is to resist the regionalization and homogenization of our built environment. If every downtown has the same stores and restaurants (like every mall), why bother to visit one over another? Chicago without Fields will be the poorer for it, just as New York without Macy's would be diminished. We are a nation of people and regions that offer unique experiences in each place. If we keep blurring institutions together, we will certainly be the lesser for it. -Helene, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...QUALITY. When I shop at Marshall Field's I feel I am getting the BEST! When I want quality and fair prices I shop at FIELD's. It is a TOP OF THE LINE store and treats it's customers special. Don't take away a part of Chicago History and what the Marshall Field's name means to anyone in the area. -Joann, Joliet IL

Marshall Field's is what it is to all Chicagoans. Where you go for Christmas lunch and to see the windows, that important wedding gift and the box that means something special is inside. Why would anybody think that we want Macy's? If we wanted to be New Yorkers, we would move there. Chicago has it's own traditions and Fields is an important one. Four members of my family will cut up their Fields cards if Federated changes it to Macy's. I've been in Macy's. More like J.C. Penneys than Fields. They don't have the class. -Diane, Skokie IL

Marshall Field's is... OUR store. It commands use of the possessive article; other stores can't make any such claim. If I ask my 11 year old (which I did just yesterday), "is Gap 'our' store? is banana republic? ann taylor? old navy? "NO" is the resounding answer, "those are just "stores". Marshall Fields is our store." It is a remarkable thing when a place becomes part of the symbolic landscape of our lives. Our homes have this capacity. Marshall Fields on State Street in Chicago has it too. And I grew up with Wanamakers... If the name (and store) changes to Macy's, there will be no reason, none at all, to return. -Rita, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...Chicago! Dear Federated: you don't understand the identity of Chicago and Chicagoans and what Marshall Field's means to the New York of the Midwest (which is what Chicago is)!!! Most tourists make a stop at Field's because it is SPECIAL. Read the book "Give the Lady What she Wants," (a history of Field's) so you can understand in retailing what Field's invented--you will be amazed!

Now, here's my TRUE story. A few years ago I was in Christchurch, New Zealand, in a jewelry store making a purchase when the owner asked where I was from (I think he suspected from my Chicago accent). After I confirmed Chicago, he pulled from under the counter about 20 photographs including the Field's State Street and Water Tower Place stores! His wife flies to Chicago every year (even in January!) to SHOP!!!! She feels Chicago has better shopping than New York (I have heard this MANY TIMES) and her favorite store is Marshall Field's. Who'd a thought???Get a clue and don't mess with Chicago's karma. Marshall Field's is Chicago. Chicagoans take a dim view of New York, please respect our regional identity and our Marshall Field's!!!! K., Cortland IL

Marshall Field's is...65 years ago my Grandma bought a baptism dress for her first born son from Marshall Fields. Eight kids later and 20 grandchildren later almost all of us were baptised in that dress. It is framed and hanging at my uncles house.
Years after my grandma bought the dress Fields was having a tough time and the public was turning on the store. My grandma sent in a letter talking about the quality of what she had bought and how long she had owned it. Fields printed the letter in the Tribune and an ad about Family and commitment to it's customers.
I still shop at Fields to this day by choice, there are alot of other places I could go. If they change the store I will be going to those other places. Only someone not from here would consider changing Marshall Fields. Its not just a name it is a part of our city's history. Keep that in mind. -Derek, Chicago

Marshall Field's is an icon that represents shopping in the world class city of Chicago. Marshall Field's is not just a shop where you buy goods, it's a place, a destination, just as much a part of the experience as buying whatever it is you buy at a department store. I don't duck into Field's because I need a blouse; I go to Field's because it's Field's. I may not be looking for anything; I just want to go into and experience Marshall Field's. It's history and it's a place apart from all the rest. Macy's used to be a venerable name; but now it's just a generic association like JC Penny or Sears. Mr. Lundgren, I don't believe most people don't care about a name change. For all the other stores Federated has absorbed and re-named 'Macy's'; it has cheapened the name 'Macy's'and lost the identity of those department stores that once were destinations. Marshall Field's should never become a 'Macy's' and 'Macy's' should have never become a generic for just another department store. D., Bloomington IL

Marshall Field's is...Chicago. I was just in Chicago this summer after not having been back since I was a child. Of course it wasn't truly Chicago until I saw the Fields store ...and of course had to shop as an adult! Keep it fields! -Sarah, Houston TX

Marshall Field's is...shopping. There is no place like it in the world! I do not have any specific story to share. I just know that when I need to get the one of a kind item, I go to fields and find.
Like said in the "why field's?", the shopping bags there are definitely one of a kind. For the past few years, I have begun to save the bags. I have the Christmas bag that resembles an ornament; and of course the silver ones with the now famous stripes. I hope that this new company knows how important the Marshall Field's name means in Chicago and too Chicagoans. What will be next? Changing the name on the Field Museum? -Marie, Chicago

Marshall Field's is an intergral part of our family history. My grandmother swore by everything and anything provided by Marshall Field's. Give the lady what she wants (a Field's slogan). The sun rises and sets over Marshall Field's (her slogan). We don't want no stinkin' Macy's. -Tom, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...Chicago! Marshall Field's is my childhood from the Christmas windows to the Walnut Room to Uncle Mistletoe. Marshall Field's is my teenage years as it was the first place to go for pretty dresses and the first pair of high heels. Marshall Field's is me! Marshall Field's is meeting friends under the clock and forever the familiar shades of green and logos of years gone by. I will be very sad if they change the name to Macy's. How would Macy's customers feel if they changed their name? Look at the history associated with that store - well here in the Midwest, we feel exactly the same way. Marshall Field's exudes tradition, style and elegance in this ever-changing world - and what about the Frangos - we won't even go there! :-) -Tracy, Orland Park IL

Marshall Field's is a monument to my childhood. It is a great place to get sheets and towels, but the only place to get their frango mints. I shop there on holidays for gifts, candy and holiday clothing. The name just goes with everything they sell. It would be a real shame to change it. -Sarah, Chicago

As a child growing up in Chicago, every Saturday my mom and I would get up Saturday mornings, and take the South Shore Metra to downtown Chicago. The onwe thing that made it esp. great was going to the ice cream palace in Marshall Field's. Marshall Field's was always a store of great splendor...going to "Field's," an abreviation of older people who shopped there regurly was like a filed trip. As I grew older and had kids, our tradition was once you turned 3, you get to go to the ice cream palace. Well, the ice cream palace has closed, the stor has not lost it's splendor, and even though I nor my mother live in Chicago anymore, we still make a point to go there when we're in the city. I have instilled the Marshall field's tradition into my own children. Heck, I got my prom dress from Marshall Field's...my first Coach purse, my first Polo shirt...I got my hair done in the styling salon for 20 years. The Marshall field's name is Chicago. The name Marshall Field's is an inherent with Chicago as the Sears Tower, or the Water Tower for that fact. Downtown Chicago has changed drastically. There is no more Weiboldt's...no more Chas. A Stevens...but there is still Marshall Field's, not Macy's...Marshall Field's. So. it's not just a name. -Jacquelyn, Indianapolis IN

Marshall Field's is...more than a name. It is a culture. A collection of tangible items such as the clock, Frango's, green bags, etc. But it is also so much more. It is a significant part of my families and Chicago's collective memory. It is the store that embodies Christmas for the third largest city in the USA. Waiting in line at Uncle Mistle Toe's Cozy Cloud Cottage for our annual meeting with Santa, lunch in the Walnut room beneath Field's Great Tree ending with a stroll under Field's clocks to see the State Street windows. You cannot replace Field's name with Macy's because Field's is more than just a name. But if you do, please take down the clocks. Cover the Tiffany dome. Stop making Frangoes. Dismantle the great tree. My city and our memories couldn't bear it. -Rick, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...CHICAGO! I have always collected the Christmas ornaments and recall trips to the flagship store as a child in hues of green. How about The Macy's Museum of Natural History? Mary, Schererville IL

Marshall Field's is a generational institution. Trips to Chicago from our northwest Indiana home always included a South Shore train ride, a visit to Field's, lunch in the Walnut Room and delightful sharing of time and ideas with my mother. Departments we visited expanded as I grew older. I found the perfect wedding gown at Field's. Their wonderful service included remaking my mother's 20 foot silk veil into a three tiered veil for me. Visits to Field's began to include my daughter who, when she became a bride, chose to wear the same gown and veil at her wedding - alterations by Field's. Field's Christmas seasons are treasured family memories. Suburban Field's were always first stops during a day at the mall. Today, a move back into the city puts the State Street store back in our routine. Field's Days combine with a visit to Millennium Park or the Art Institute. Now visits to Field's include grandchildren in for a visit to the exciting Windy City. Please don't take away the opportunity to show them the Field's Museum Wall as we share moments in the history of our magnificent city and its institutions. The Walnut Room is still so special. Let us give them more than the rubber stamp of the same stores they see across the country in the mega malls. Let them experience a place where pride in doing a good job is still alive and well. Give them Marshall Field's. If the name is changed to Macy's, I will not step foot in the store! It's like trading in a classy, new Lexus for a used station wagon. It's like wearing flip flops instead of shoes when you meet the President of the United States. It's like losing a part of what has made Chicago and America great. Please keep the name Marshall Field's. -Faye, Chicago IL

Marshall Field's is the place to find that old nostalgic feeling of Christmas and holiday shopping with loved ones. Every year I make two all day trips to the Marshall Field's on State Street. The one with my mother starts with coffee and a look at the window theme for the year, followed by a couple of hours of shopping, talking, and finding the perfect presents for our family members (not always easy in my family). Then there is usually lunch in the Walnut room followed by more shopping until complete exhaustion sets in. The second trip is with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We start a little later but are all over the place once we get there. Most of the time we are hinting at items we would like for ourselves and trying to sneak off to buy presents for one another without each other knowing. We are not very good at this but we have a lot of fun trying. We have lunch down in the market place where we can compare notes and make sure everyone is being covered. Then it is back to the mix. I go to Marshall Field s all year long because there service is second to none and because there variety makes it easy for me to get most of my shopping done in one place but it is the traditions that would be ruined by name and management style changes that are the most disheartening. I am currently pregnant with my child who happens to be a girl. I can t tell you how sad it makes me to think that I won t be able to continue this tradition with her. -Lori, Chicago

I grew up in Philadelphia, and now live in Atlanta. My fondest childhood memories are of Saturdays at the mall with my family, having lunch at Lit Brothers or Strawbridge & Clothier, and occasional trips downtown with my grandfather, with lunch at the Crystal Room in Wanamaker's. When I started going to Chicago, I fell in love with Field's. It holds all the tradition, elegance, and grace that I remember from Wanamaker's. Once, last year, I found myself on a twelve-hour layover at O'Hare and I spent the entire time downtown at Field's. The staff, the merchandise, the environment, the Walnut Room, everything creates a wonderful shopping experience. My most special memory of Field's concerns some down blankets that I found there. My grandmother was frail, bedridden, and always cold. These down throws were lighter and softer than anything else we could find, and were the only things that could keep my grandmother warm and comfortable. She had two of them with her at the hospital when she died in early April, and they sit folded on a chair in her room. I now live in Atlanta; I refuse to shop at Macy's here because they chose to destroy Rich's rather than to help revive a name that had meant quality in Atlanta since 1867. It hurts to think that I will no longer be able to shop at Field's. -Michael, Atlanta GA

Marshall Field's is tradition. I love everything Marshall Field's GREEN!! Marshall Field's is part of our family. We shop, we eat, we meet under the clock, we browse, we spend time, we spend money....we are part of the Marshall Field's family. -Mia, Chicago

My sister and I have a tradition. Every year, at Christmas, we take the train into the city of Chicago from an outlying town over an hour away. We get a hotel room at a swanky property, because, you see, we ve been saving and planning for this all year. After checking in and getting settled, we partake in the whole reason we ve made the trip in the first place. Despite the bitter Chicago wind we stroll past the decorated windows of one of Chicago s oldest and dearest landmarks to enjoy a Christmas tradition that takes us back to childhood. Then we indulge in a ritual that folks in this town have indulged in for over a hundred years. We have lunch at the Walnut Room.
I m not sure if you re aware of this but lunch at the Walnut Room is such a time-honored tradition in Chicago that the wait for a table can exceed four hours. While we wait we do what any self-respecting person visiting the city would do. We shop and we shop and we shop.
We don t do this just for the eating and the shopping. We do it because it is Marshall Field s. One could take the Walnut Room and transplant it in Carson Pirie Scott or Neiman Marcus and the experience just wouldn t be the same. Nor would it be the same in Macy s. One of the glories of this experience is that my sister and I are doing what sisters have done for the past century. Having lunch at the Walnut Room, enjoying a luscious piece of Frango Mint pie, it is easy to image folks from days past sitting in the same seat, looking up at another breathtakingly decorated Christmas tree, enjoying their own piece of Frango mint pie. This is such a special experience for us and we look forward to it all year. For one weekend a year, it is just the two of us no kids, no husbands, no jobs, no ringing phones, no deadlines. For the two of us, it is a weekend in the Big City, indulging in the finest Chicago has to offer.
I realize I am only one person. And what difference does one yearly trip to your store mean in the grand total of year-end sales? Well, let me tell you it means a lot. This shouldn t be about money. It should be about tradition, and compassion, and being upstanding enough to do the right thing. I m only one person, but if you change the name of that store to Macy s my sister and I will not come back. Our tradition will come to an end. So will a tradition that has been a staple in the city of Chicago for a century. And that will be very sad. -Cynthia, Elgin IL

Marshall Field's is... Chicago, History, Memories, Family and Home! My association with Field's began almost 60 years ago when my aunts would take myself, my sisters and our cousins "downtown" at Christmas time to walk through the toy department to create our wish lists, then to wait in line to give our list to Santa while aunt Mary would slip off and buy something from our list, we would view the windows, have lunch under the big tree, and also shop for our parents special Christmas present. It was special and important because it was the only time we were allowed to miss school . . . even if sick! As I grew older I no longer went with my aunts but continued the tradition by taking the El downtown to do the same tasks. This finally evolved into taking my own kids downtown for the same purpose. Only difference was we we would drive in from the suburbs rather than take the El. Oh and we added always seeing a Christmas Carol to that tradition . . . right after brunch under the tree. We also included the full extended family from Grandparents and great-grandparents all the way down to the youngest. Now that my children have children of their own and we live all over these United States we still managed last winter to meet in Downtown Chicago to perform the time honored traditon with our granddaughters. Going initially with aunts, then with school friends and eventually my fiance, and then my family was, and continues, to link my childhood with the present. Only one Christmas season, 1996, was not observed by going to Field's. And only because I was half way round the world serving my Country in Vietnam. That Christmas was next to the worst in my life. Only surpassed by the year my Mother passed away just before Christmas. But even then we honored her memory by honoring the tradition of going for lunch under the tree. This tradition was why a "Field's" credit card was my very first card as a young adult just getting out of college so that I could build my professional wardrobe. I only cancelled the card once I moved away from Chicago and although I now carry a Macy's card I would never compare the two stores. Macy's is a place to shop; Field's is my personal and family history. Please retain the name! -Peter, Indianapolis IN

Marshall Field's! Macy's?
I was the last full time male elevator operator and starter at the State street store. I worked in the mid-60's to ealry 20's and saw a lot of change. I met my wife, who also worked there, working ath the glove counter. My father worked there for 35 years maintaining the elevators and escalators there and other Field's stores. I saw change. The counters were replaced in the not so glamour days with a lot of plastic. The marble of the floors was replaced with not so attractive materials. The store became common. It should have been changed to Macy's then. But then a past president, Joseph Burnham, had a brilliant idea to transform the flagship store back to it's glory days spending millions on the renovation and restoration to bring it to the beautiful store it is today. The cleaned Tiffany dome on South State Street never looked better. The dome, made entirely of Tiffany glass, was commisioned for Field's, not Macy's. When I worked at Field's, operating the elevators, I greeted people with a smile, directed customers to what they desired and enjoyed my job. People associated Field's with to top of department stores for value and service. People associated Macy's with New York and nothing else. People associated Field's with Chicago. The Candy Kitchen, on the 13th floor, which produced Frango mints, had the friendliest people in the store. If you had the opportunity to get to the "13th" floor, as an elevator operator you did, you could occasionaly sample the candy. Don't tell anyone I did this. Field's third basement was interesting, For years, it was connected the tunnel system that conneted most of the Loop stores and ened up flooding Downtown buildings in the 90's. Because of the size of investment in the water system that supplied Field's, extensions were made to several other stores for there water. The heating was steam at one time and Field's also supplied heat to other build in the line. I left my impressions on the people that I serviced over the 6 1/2 years that I worked and hoped they had many good experiences. I was impressed by the people that I worked with. It was truley a class store. The store on State Street is still impressive and does not need a name change, especially to a New York entity the likes of Macy's. I've been to Macy's in New York and there is nothing that impresses me about it. The Macy's is as common as McDonald's. Field's is as unique as Tiffany. -Jerry, Glen Ellyn, IL

Several years ago one of the "coffee table" magazines -- can't remember which one -- devoted an issue to Chicago. And of course there was a story on Marshall Field's. I'll never forget one of the early lines in the story: "The truth is, neither New York nor San Francisco nor any city in between, has a store that compares to Marshall Field's." As a young graduate student at the University of Chicago in the early 1970s I spent many pleasant afternoons at Field's shopping and having lunch in the Walnut Room. I dined there so often that one of the hostesses, Cecil Flesher, said that she was my "Chicago mother." My hometown, Wichita, had a department store, the Geo. Innes Company, that considered itself "the Marshall Field's west of Chicago." Interestingly, it was purchased by Macy's (I realize, not Federated) and in 1969 its name was changed to Macy's. It really didn't matter, for Innes was clearly no longer a copy of Field's, it was, rather, a copy of Macy's. But until Dillard's purchased Macy's Wichita store, I always made my checks payable to "The Geo. Innes Co., a/k/a Macy's." My suggestion to Federated is this: Since Marshall Field's has long been considered the finest department store in the world, rename your quality store, Bloomingdale's, Marshall Field's! That way, you'd be keeping a New York name and a Chicago name. -Charles, Wichita KS

I grew up in Minneapolis with Daytons being a staple, when it Daytons Changed to Marshall Fields it was different, but you knew it was going to be just as good if not better. I live in Georgia now and Macy's is ok, but its no Marshall Fields. There is no point in messing with a good thing! -Tammy, Atlanta

As a midwestern girl who grew up looking to the north (Chicago) for all things aspirational, the magic in the name "Marshall Field's" was akin to "Lincoln" (the car, not the President), "Ferragamo" or "Wedgwood." Field's was where we wanted to shop, where we wanted a present to come from, how we wanted to dress. And it wasn't just true for those of us in Indianapolis. It was the same for girls in Milwaukee and Springfield, IL and in large towns and little villages all over the midwest. Down here in Florida, we have seen the destructive of Burdine's and it is a heartbreaker. Now just another dot on the Macy's map, the well-respected "Florida Store" is no more. It is unthinkable that the same fate could be in store for Marshall Field's. Please save the name and the little bit of distinctiveness that is left in retail! -Teri, Boca Raton FL

Marshall Field's is...one of my childhood best memories...going to get a few things before school started that my parents could barely afford..and I always wanted to go to "Fields"...changing that name would be a VERY bad public relations move...it would scream to your customers that you are a "cookie cutter" store and just like all the rest...generations have known MF's and more generations should know that name as well. Personally, I would not shop at the stores if the name changes...I'd know the quality and personaized treatment would change as well. -Mike, Phoeniz AZ

Marshall Field's is...an institution, a tradition - please don't let it become a memory. I grew up 2 hours from Chicago. My parents would take us into Chicago 2 times a year - once before school started and once at the holidays. The tradition of going to Field's on State at Christmas time to see the windows was always a family favorite. We never missed it. Why changes the name. Must we homogenize everything. Let New York have their Macy's and let Chicago keep Mashall Field's. -John, Omaha NE

Marshall Field's is...the elegant clock tower and a place I feel comfortable in.I moved to Chicago from Virginia in my early 20's and quickly became enamored with Marshall Fields. At Christmastime I had never seen anything like the facinating storybook window displays and the tall tree in the Walnut Room at the State Street store. I was like a kid again and made sure that every year I made a special trip just to see the windows, have lunch and do some Christmas shopping. I have continued that tradition now that I am older and have kids of my own. While we no longer live in the Chicago area (we are in Madison, WI and love our Fields here too!) we make sure the whole family goes to visit and shop in Chicago during the holidays so we can see the windows and eat in the Walnut room. I feel like I have been privledged to be part of something special and I would hate to see that all go away by changing the name. -Kelly, Madison WI

As a transplanted Chicagoian I have many happy memories of Field's. One of my favorites was my senior year in high school. Several of us skipped school in the burbs and drove downtown to see Santa at Field's. We waited in line for 2 hours and when we finally made it to Santa he wouldn't let us sit on his lap - much to our disappointment!. We did, however, get "I Saw Santa at Field's" stickers which we proudly wore to school the next day. -Ginny, Atlanta GA

Marshall Field's is...special. The lunches at the Walnut Room with my mother and grandmother. The Christmas shopping, the tell-tale green bags and boxes that signaled to others how special they are to you. The special way you're treated by the store associates, knowing you can only get that special treatment at FIELD'S. When New Yorkers ask me, "What has Chicago got that we don't?" I always reply, "FIELD'S!" -Jessica, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...the place where my family has shopped for generations. I remember how thrilled my grandmother was to receive a copy of "Give the Lady What She Wants" because she had been a Field's customer for so long. I also remember when Fields was one of the first to issue credit cards...visiting Santa...punch and judy shows in the children's department..taking my children to visit Santa and having lunch under the tree-- sitting on a couch and eating at a table we bought there 40 years ago...many things. It would be a travesty to change the name. -Susan, Paw Paw MI

Marshall Field's is...my first memory of the city. I am 82 years old and was raised by my widowed mother and her family. My grandfather took pride in the appearnce of his family and would buy our clothes from Marshall Field's for as long as I can remember. There was a special pride which came from shopping at Field's and that pride continues today. It would be a sad, sad day if the name were removed and I would no longer shop there.

Although I no longer reside in Chicago, every time I am "back home" in the Windy City, a trip to the flagship Marshall Field's is always on the itinerary. Marshall Field's represents class, style, high quality and a focus on the customer that is difficult to find anywhere else. Not only is it a landmark in the Midwest, it is a well-respected brand across the country in a way that Macy's is not. Going to Field's is special--it is an event. Before it became ubiquitous with the expansion of Federated, "Macy's" also used to be a brand that evoked a similar sense of style and class as Field's. However, it's no longer a special trip to go to Macy's--now, it's just a typical mall store like Dillard's, available almost everywhere (heck, the small southern town I now live in has a Macy's). Keep Field's "Field's"--don't lose the sense of uniqueness.

Marshall Field's is not Macy's and is not Bloomingdale's and that is why I have been shopping at Field's for 50 years. But I also shop at Bloomingdale's and vow that neither the latter or Field's under any other name will see my presence if Marshall Field's does not survive. Carson's will have to fulfill my needs.... -William, Chicago IL

Marshall Field's is...an institution in this part of the country! To change the name to Macy's would be an insult to the people of the Chicago area, and speaking from a marketing perspective, not the smartest marketing move either.... -Marilyn, Rockford IL

Marshall Field's is... The best retailer, with the best styles & names for the best price......I was born and raised in Chicago, and If the name is changed it will change the face of downtown. Macy's is overated. Who wants to shop in a store (which is supposed to sell high end clothing) that has price scanners located on post throughout the store? Leave that at Wal-Mart. Field's has been around for years and if the name is changed I will more than likely never step foot into the store again. I don't shop Macy's now and don't plan on doing so anytime soon. Rene, Los Angeles CA

Marshall Field's is...and has been a major part of my life. I have worked for the company for 47 years. As an executive for 45 years and an on call guest service representative for two years. The name is as much a part of Chicago as the lake front. This nation stands for individuality, changing the Fields name to Macy's is like changing Macy's name to Marshall Fields. New Yorkers would be up in arms if it was suggested. Bloomingdale has retained their name, we can too!! Claudette, Chicago

Marshall Field's is...the store that I choose most to do my shopping. I work downtown in the loop about 3 blocks from Fields. I love to eat at the food court on my lunch hour and do a little shopping. I've wondered if Federated would be changing the Fields name once they bought it...and it looks like it may be a possibility. If they change the Fields name, then I would have to look for somewhere else to shop. Nordstrom isn't that far away. -Scott, Chicago

Marshall Field's is... the home of the Marshall Field Frango Mint!! Which was my late grandmothers favorite candy. When I grew up, I would visit the store and buy both her and my mother some Frango Mints. Now that I live in the city, there is something very dear and memorable about the store, and I hope that it always, always stays exactly the way it has throughout my grandmother, mother, and my's lives... Marshall Fields! -E., Chicago

Marshall Field's is...the only place to shop in Chicago! Not only is the Building itself a wonderful site to see, its Tiffany glass dome, Walnut Room, expansive thirteen floor atrium, historic fountains, Great Tree, and all of the other aspects of the building that most individuals don't even know about such as the old medical clinic, candy kitchen/bakery, the penthouse on top of the building, the sub-basements. Oh, did I forget to mention all the shopping! As a young child growing up in the suburbs it was the big delight to get to take a train ride into the big city to see this majestic building and all of its offerings, still today a little overwhelming!! Not only does Marshall Fields hold a dear place in my heart for all its rich memories its given my but the importance of the name Marshall Fields.....which is a big part of chicago history....let's see what would our fair city be without The Field Museum, The Merchandise Mart....just to name a few. Yes the Frango Mints are no longer made on 13, and the smell doesn't float down the atrium but there still good and haven't disappeared all together! It would truly be a shame to see our flagship department store in Chicago become.....MACY'S! -D., Chicago

Marshall Field's is... a heritage that must be kept under the Fields name. It started with my mom taking me to Fields at Christmas time, when I was four years old,and continued through my buying Christmas presents just this year at Fields and I'm now 63. We did boycott for a while because of the Frango Mint thing. We went back after a few years but we still won't buy "Foreign Frangos". We don't buy foreign Fannie Mae either. I have been to NY City and have seen Macys. It is no Marshall Fields. If they change the name we will stop shppping there. We probably only spend a few thousand a year at Fields and you won't notice our absence. But, I'm sure there are others who feel the same. -Bruce & Sandy, Waukegan IL


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